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please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

Product Council Update

No PC meeting today

Sprint Review 90 + 91 (from June 30th 2020):
o   Recording: FOLIO Sprint Review 90-91 (Note - item re-linking is demonstrated near the start)
o   Slides: FOLIO Sprint 90 and 91 Review

Subgroup & other updates?

No announcements

Entity Management

See Draft Entity Management diagram (1).png

  • Scope of Entity Management Working Group (EM-WG) - An "in progress update" of this working group, prior to discussion of authority control. 
    • Functions of traditional authority management in Folio
    • Visioning for what entity based data models can look like in Folio, for example, Bibframe
    • Vision statement is being worked on

  • Overview of EM-WG's work thus-far:
  • Future work (acc'd to charge):
    • Gap analysis concerning FOLIO functional requirements (do JIRA issues suffice + Vision Doc suffice?)
    • List of reporting needs to present to MM-SIG and Reporting SIG
    • List of short-to-medium term projects that provide needed functionality or proof-of-concept
  • JIRA issues un Entity Management epic:  UXPROD-787 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • UXPROD2516 thru UXPROD2526
    • Re-ranking/deprecating  UXPROD-146 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  UXPROD-147 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Overview of vision document of Entity Management App: A separate application that allows for the functionality of caching of external datasets used in authority control practice, updates of those, ability to add data like problematic labels, publishing local headings, creation of concept of works, Separate app is being envisions, technical requirements for that app, use cases. 

Jiras - overview

2516 - Storing and management entities

2517 - Updating those

2518 - Adding data such as labels

2519 - Source records may point to internal or external data 

2520 - Create and store local entities

2521 - Publishing local entities

2522 - Standard authority control functions

2523 - Reporting unmatched heading in data stores in Folio

2524 - Look up service

2525 - Work concept

2526 - Moving current reference data in Folio into the Entities App


"Does "cached" mean just temporary access or will the full entity records imported from outside souces into FOLIO?" - Answer - meant to cover storage within system - a long term storage. Charlotte suggested we have a glossary in the Vision Document to help define these terms. 

"I am assuming you mean that this is a downstream cache of those files, but still maintains that the production of those authorities into the normal authority distribution cycle will need to be handled outside of FOLIO, of are you thinking of eventually producing new authority entities in that app?" – Answer – In the vision, there is the ability to create a new authority that stays within Folio. The ability to push the local heading "upstream" is being considered, but needs to be considered by developers, technical abilities - possibly a later development

2522 - Query SRS? - Why just MARC - Vision statement only covers MARC because that is the only data considered in the Vision Statement. Current use case - Inventory data - a "Folio" records should be considered. May need to clone this use case for each schema being considered. 

"Is there a consideration for the discovery side of these entities?" - Answer: Yes, using entities in Discovery is discussed in the vision. There is the idea being considered that if you have a local authority it can be published out. Benefits of this data in discovery environment is being considered.

Laura mentioned that Ann-Marie is concerned - how much authority development needs to be done this year? 2516-2519 - Where would MarcCat access Marc authority data? Answer: Unsure since Entities Work is in its infancy. How quickly is this needed? Will tech council approve? 

Relationship between Entity container and Inventory? 

"Hi there, I don't really understand this architecture, but I just sent a screen shot to a group here in systems that was building something similar to 'manage entities' for Voyager and all the different repositories we have (D-Space, Fedora, etc.). Hopefully I can get some help from people who are knowledgeable about this type of architecture..." 

MARC authority data
(will be carried over into next week as well)
Future MM meetings (ongoing)

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