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Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

PC update



Community Council Update - Discussion around grant proposals and how to disseminate info more broadly. This lead into discussions about communication channels and communication in general.

Software "DISCUS" and use of it  - This may be a place to have asynchronous discussions

Need a discussion monitor to be responsible for collecting and recording discussions and decisions may be useful

Technical Council update: Major focus - data synchronization. They talked about their transition planning - need for more formal voting as opposed to "lazy consensus" voting. 

Decision making was discussed for Product Council. PC will proceed with current decision making process, but in a month will review the process and make a better more formal process. 

Minutes moved from Google Doc to wiki. Agenda for upcoming meetings will no longer be coming through email, but through Slack.

Kristin pointed out that people can subscribe to wiki pages, to receive notification when changes have been made.

Other updates/announcements

Bugfest - Testers are still needed for Data Import

Inventory Working Group - Charlotte reporting that they are close to being able to write up a ticket.  Work will be demoed on August 6 for Acquisitions group and they will also present to the RA group.

Bound-with back-end work updates

UXPROD-1241 - Getting issue details... STATUS R2 2021 (Juniper)

UXPROD-2855 - Getting issue details... STATUS R3 2021 (Kiwi)

UXPROD-3080 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Lotus - if possible)


FOLIO Roadmap: Themes

Roadmap Task Force Membership - Jesse Koennecke is chairing this group.

Discussing how to update the roadmap and take over responsibility that Harry Kaplanian used to assume when we were smaller

Wiki page: FOLIO Roadmap

Themes Brainstorming: 

  • Feature refinement is more of a theme, in addition to new features.
  • Non-functional requirements
  • Data integrity
  • Permissions
  • Workflows
  • Issues the pointing exercise exposed. 
  • More focus on public interface, e.g. VuFind, integrations

Kristin asked what themes would we as the MM SIG like to see discussed by this Roadmap group. 


  • Entity management
  • Container Record
  • Keyboard commands/macros (Accessibility theme?)
  • Data integrity
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • More focus on public interface, e.g. VuFind, integrations
  • Extensibility of metadata 
  • Feature development/Feature refinement/Feature fixing (regressions)

Jacquie - How should we address industry standards, for example data integrity. What is an NFR? 

Jennifer Eustis - Need for reporting across apps - other integral industry standards that are not being met currently by FOLIO.

Charlotte, via chat - "UI-LDP will be a FOLIO app. Rolled out with Kiwi"

Kristin asked what would we want to see from data import?

Jennifer Eustis - We've created a complex tool - is it too complex?

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