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Attendees: Magda Zacharska Kimberly Pamplin Mark Arnold  Brian Clark Natascha Owens Charlotte Whitt @Carolyn Eaton @Amanda Ros @Brenda Rosas @Carole Oplinger @Claire Dolan @Felicia Piscitelli @Naomi Behmer @Charity Stokes




  • Call Number browse (UXPROD-3255).  Open questions:
    • How many preceding and following call numbers should be displayed?
    • Should the browse list display records that match each call number?
    • Should there be a count of items for each call number as in the Michigan State and University of Chicago examples?
    • Should the results be sortable by other than call number?
    • How will we account for the option to store call numbers in Instance, Holdings, and Item records?
      • Would it ever happen that holdings record will have a different call number than item?


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