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Attendees (please add your name) 

  • Encourage folks to use slack for questions 
  • AND KG will create this page based on ERM (ERM implementers) for quickMARC group to post questions/topics/enhancements 
Development updatesKhalilah
Orchid Release Bugfest UATKhalilah
Authority linking: subject validation Khalilah See slack message -
April 5th meeting cancelledKhalilah

Future meetings agenda items / Action items

  • quickMARC - change to entering subfields (UX?/POC?) - Discuss next steps
  • quickMARC Error Handling overview
  • MARC in FOLIO features table: Update table to include JIRA links to provide more details. (KG)
  • MARC in FOLIO: Create a view that helps to answer this question - Can you implement today? (KG)