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Attendees (please add your name) 


Development updatesChristine
General template questionsChristine
  • Review current derive functionality and discuss any limitations - need for more granular permissions? Need for easier suppression upon create? Difficult to find?
  • Discuss potential options
    • New permissions for creating and editing templates (via quickMARC UI? via Data import?)
    • Saving as a template - automated suppression, new flag in SRS?
    • Selecting templates
      • Modal with dropdowns with a "derive from template" action (would be available to anyone with derive permissions)
      • Dropdowns on quickMARC UI from new Create function (would only be available to those who could create original records)

Future meetings agenda items / Action items

  • quickMARC - change to entering subfields (UX?/POC?) - Discuss next steps
  • quickMARC Error Handling overview
  • MARC in FOLIO features table: Update table to include JIRA links to provide more details. (KG)
  • MARC in FOLIO: Create a view that helps to answer this question - Can you implement today? (KG)