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Attendees: Taylor Smith Jennifer Eustis Ryan Taylor Christie Thomas Raegan Wiechert Yael Hod Autumn Faulkner Robert Pleshar Jeanette Kalchik Lynne Fors 



  • Agenda topics:
    • Begin Requirements discussions for UXPROD-4081: Refine and standardize handling of 035 OCLC numbers in MARC records (including potential duplicates)

Upcoming meetings/agenda topics:

  • Further Quesnelia feature requirement details
  • Demo/discussion of the new large file "slicing" feature in Poppy


Autumn Faulkner (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:03 PM

80k 😲

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:06 PM

It would work for us. That is our current practice.

Jennifer Eustis  to  Everyone 1:06 PM

That's our current practice too

Autumn Faulkner (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:07 PM

yep. +1 to this prefix

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:08 PM

We remove leading zeros and ocn/ocn and keep the (OCoLC) prefix

Raegan Wiechert  to  Everyone 1:09 PM


Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:10 PM

Well, it sounds like no one is disagreeing with removing leading 0s here.


Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:15 PM

I delete them and haven't had any problems

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:15 PM

It is OCLC specific

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:15 PM

019 are all cancelled control numbers

jeanette kalchik  to  Everyone 1:17 PM

We do not map our 019 to the instance.

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:21 PM

It should be the same.

jeanette kalchik  to  Everyone 1:25 PM

Is it related to

Autumn Faulkner (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:26 PM

I need to check with our metadata management folks but I'm not sure this is happening at MSUL?

I remember it was an issue at one point

Jennifer Eustis  to  Everyone 1:27 PM

Not anymore. However, if something goes wrong during the process, sometimes there is no 001 in the record

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:28 PM

Right, Jennifer. I remember that bug, too.

But I have not seen that in a while.

Jennifer Eustis  to  Everyone 1:29 PM

It does create a new one

Lynne Fors  to  Everyone 1:30 PM

and a cleanup script would be great

Ann-Marie  to  Everyone 1:43 PM

A few links for chat- here's the Feature that Ryan is discussing:

And here's a feature that partially addresses the 001/003 situation, but not as much WRT settings as we have previously discussed. Still hunting to see if I can find a better existing Jira:

And here's a link to moving the 001/003/035 handling:

Christie Thomas (she/her)  to  Everyone 1:47 PM

Cross App might be a good connection, too.

Christie Thomas (she/her) 1:47 PM

I was just seconding your comment, Jennifer!

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