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The Data Import (Batch Loader) subgroup will work with developers to outline functional requirements for the FOLIO Data Import Loader application. Overall scope is still to be finalized, but will include importing of MARC records to create or update instance, holdings, and item records in Inventory, as well as corresponding records in MARCcat. The Data Import app is especially important to MM SIG and RM SIG, and will likely interact with the Inventory app, MARC Cataloging app, and Acquisitions-Orders app. Because this is especially important to cataloging, the subgroup will act under the auspices of the MM SIG; however members of the subgroup will include RM SIG, and perhaps other SIGs as well. 

Data Import subgroup members



Time Zone



EBSCOETVP, Product ManagementData Import subgroup convener & PO
Index DataCETLibrarian. Analyst.

PO for the Inventory App

Will participate when possible

University of ChicagoCTHead, Data Management Services
Colin Van AlstineSmith CollegeETMetadata Librarian
StacksMTChief Product Officer

PO for the Acquisitions App

Will participate when possible

SamhaengCETUX Designer

Gary Branch

CornellETHead of Batch Processing
Jenn ColtCornellETMetadata Operations Librarian
UMass AmherstETMetadata Librarian
University of ChicagoCTDirector of Technical Services

Convener for the Resource Management SIG

May participate if needed

Laura WrightUniversity of Colorado-BoulderMTSerials Cataloging Maager

Convener for the Metadata Management SIG

May participate if needed

Duke UniversityETMetadata Ingest Specialist

Lisa McColl

Lehigh UniversityETCataloging/Metadata Librarian
North Carolina State UniversityETAssociate Head, Acquisitions and Discovery (Monographs)

Former Convener for the Metadata Management SIG

May participate if needed

University of AlabamaCTCoordinator of Metadata
Meghan BerginU Mass-Amherst (Five Colleges)ETHead, Metadata Unit
Tetyana AfanasyevaEPAM (Folijet)EETFolijet Scrum Master

PO for the MARCcat App

Will participate when possible

IndexDataCTSoftware Engineer

Will participate as needed

Mount Holyoke College (Five Colleges)ETERM & Discovery Services (also batch loading & manipulation of records)
Zeno TajoliAtCultCET

Background information: 

Slack Channel: # data-import-batchload (

Data Loader Subgroup: Scope

Data Import Subgroup: Use Cases

Data Import Subgroup: Topics/Questions to Discuss

marc4j overview

Relevant Google Docs Areas

                Data Import-Batch Loader Documents 

                Inventory, Cataloging Records, and IDs

MARC Data Import/Batch Loader Discuss posts: 

               MARC Batch Loads into FOLIO: New Subgroup

MM SIG 31 Aug 2017 meeting — batch import discussion

                Importing .marc approaches (English) 

Bulk actions confirmation modal

Locally stored metadata records for eResources

FOLIO Integrated Vendors

Relevant MM SIG/RM SIG documents

December 2017 Workshop on batch loading: Inventory App - Workshops

December 2017 Batch loading use cases: List use cases: Batch importing, and all variations of importing

Madrid developer meeting notes on MARC Batch Loader: 

                   RM 2: Inventory/cataloging. Discussion of cataloging apps and alignment/integration

                   RM 5: Determine where & which data loading occurs for FOLIO, Acquisitions, RM, Cataloging 


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