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Use caseRecords TypesFile Type(s)FrequencyWho createsWho consumesPriorityNotesSubmitted by



1Daily exportBibliographic records with specific holdings and item data mapped to the 927, 928, and 929 fieldsMARC (or could be JSON or other formats)DailyData Mgt Svc, then a daily chron jobVuFindP0

Export daily incremental at a time specified in the profile

This is a scheduled job that runs everyday and includes business logic that identifies all of the records that have been added new or changed since the last export. 

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  • Bib is not suppressed from discovery.
    • In FOLIO this will include all inventory records even if they do not have source MARC and a mapping to MARC will need to be provided for these brief records.
  • Holdings and item data is only included for the holdings and items that are not suppressed from discovery.
  • Holdings and Item data included in the export:
    • Holdings Location
    • Holdings Call Number Prefix
    • Holdings Call Number 
    • Holdings Public Notes
    • Holdings Donor Codes (Electronic Bookplate)
    • Holdings Donor public display note
    • Holdings call number type
    • Item location
    • Item Donor code (Electronic Bookplate)
    • Item Donor public display note
    • Item barcode
    • For Eholdings:
      • URL
      • Link Text
      • URL public note
      • URL materials specified
  • All 9xx data is deleted from the MARC bibliographic record on export except the 901 and 903.

OAI-PMH desn't cover this right now, but being changed to pull from Inventory, create simle MARCs for Instances without SRS. 

Would also need to attach specified holdings/items data, which OAI-PMH doesn't support right now.


Inventory (pulling SRS when available), plus holdings/items data
2Daily OCLC, aka Data SyncSRS MARC recordsMARCDailyIT person, Daily Chron jobOCLCP1
  1. BIB is unsuppressed
  2. Record does not contain a 995 field with the text “NoEx” (cannot export to OCLC)
  3. BIB contains a 948 $a with previous day’s date (for example, the target date for the job that starts at 12:05 am on May 1, 2016 will be “20160430”)
  4. This same 948 contains $b with one of the following values: f, s, or k (type of cataloging)
3Quarterly Local Holdings Records for OCLCHoldings recordsMARCQuarterly

Systems, Metadata staff

Manual trigger quarterly for 5C

Cornell = scheduled Chron job


Cornell: P1

5C: P2

Export local holdings records that have been updated since running the query last

  1. Search all holdings records that are active (ie. not suppressed or deleted) that have a holdings statement.
  2. Limit this search by date (date of last export to current date of running export
  3. Export set that must include system number (FOLIO HRID or UUID)


We also do this but weekly - Cornell

5C; Inventory, translated to MARC Holdings

Cornell: Inventory, translated to MARC Holdings


Export MARC bib record - as needed

(Export, Update, Reload)

Roundtripping, for cleanup

SRS MARC _ Inventory holdingsMARC Bibmultiple per day, ad hocSystems/Data Mgt/Tech Services TypesTechnical Services Staff/Systems LibrarianP1

There has been a change to a field or information needs to be removed or updated. Current example, removing "EBSC" from 938. If there is no bulk edit, this will be necessary in the beginning.

  1. Search MARC bib record based on a MARC field and indicators
  2. Be able to query across bib + holdings + items (this type of bib + location)
  3. Ability to limit this search based on a phrase contained in the MARC field, e.g. 938 EBSC
  4. Export set that must include system number to then make changes and then re-import

Meant as workaround until Batch update is available

Preference is to export specified fields, but can accept the full MARC record as first iteration




Export holdings- as needed

(Export, Update, Reload)

Roundtripping, for cleanup

SRS MARC, Inventory holdings

MARC Holdings,

Non-MARC, formatted files

multiple per day, ad hocSystems/Data Mgt/Tech Services TypesTechnical Services Staff/Systems LibrarianP1

Same as 4.1 except related to holdings




Export item - as needed

(Export, Update, Reload)

Roundtripping, for cleanup

Inventory items


Delimited file

multiple per day, ad hocSystems/Data Mgt/Tech Services TypesTechnical Services Staff/Systems LibrarianP1

Same as 4.1 except related to items

See case 15 also

Note: If want to round trip in MVP, may need to be MARC instead of delimited




Export MARC bib record with holdings and item information - Regular

For Discovery layer update

MARC bib, holdings, itemsMARC Bib with added datadailySystemsEDSP0

Export of MARC bib, holdings and item information to send to discovery service

It's necessary to get the holdings and item information so that this displays in discovery.

This will be handled by OAI-PMH. Right now, we can send out SRS MARC bibs, and RTAC handles the holdings and item info. For the Inventory Instances that do not have underlying SRS, we will need to update the Instance-to-MARC mapping and build the functionality that will create a MARC bib record on the fly (UXPROD-1397)


ALL 5C Libraries

6Holdings for Commitment PurposesBIB, Holdings, ItemsMARC Bib+Hld, or tab delimitedAt most a few times per year, irregular, when they ask for the dataSystems or Tech Services Types




Export specific fields from BIB and 852 (Location/Call Number) & 866 (Holdings Statement) from Holdings as well as Item disposition information (MIssing, Damaged, etc)

Different data elements supplied to EAST vs RAPID vs HathiTrust


Holdings for ILL purposes

MARC BIB & HoldingsMARC Bib + HldAt most a few times per year, irregularSystems or Tech Services TypesRAPIDP2

Export specific MARC fields from BIB and 852 & 866 from Holdings

Record sets need to be submitted in groupings like: print books, print serials, print journals

Different data elements supplied to EAST vs RAPID vs HathiTrust


We also export to RAPID (monthly) - Cornell

8Export records with no OCLC numberBibliographic Records in MARCMARCWeeklyData Management Services Librarian / Data Management Services staffOCLC (Data Sync)P1

The purpose of this job is to find the Records with no OCLC numbers, so we can export them to OCLC.

  • 035 $a (OCoLC) is not present
  • Record is unsuppressed.
  • 948 date is previous month and subfield b has the value of any of the following: c, f, k, o, s, u, v, x, or z

Exclude records if :

  • 995 $aNoEx field present on BIB

A number of edits also happen to the records as part of our current process, like removing local fields


Chicago criteria for this report: 

  • Bib is not suppressed from discovery
  • Bib does not have an 035$a with the (OCoLC) prefix
  • Bib is in a fully cataloged 'Instance status' (= "cataloging complete', 'electronic resource')
  • Need ability to set date range for instance status update date as a parameter (between '2019-09-30' and '2019-10-04')



Chicago expects this would be an LDP query, rather than an Inventory/MARC query

One key element is Inventory Status update date, plus MARC data - so many need to be able to query both?


Export monograph holdings to Coutts' Oasis or GOBI

(to prevent duplication)

MARC Bib, Inventory Instance

Inventory Holdings

MARC Bib or

Delimited file

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, QuarterlySystems, Acq, Batch processing DeptAcq VendorP2

From Voyager a daily harvest of our newly updated print and ebook records based on the bib 005 date along with their holdings' status of held or on order to Oasis for their ingest. Cuts down on duplicate ordering

Must be unsuppressed

  1. 005 day should be today minus 3 days.
  2. Leader position 7=m
  3. Must have an 020 ISBN
  4. 008 position 8 must =s, t, r, or e
  5. 008 position 9-12 date must be greater than or equal to 2011

A number of edits happen in our export process

We also send a separate file of quarterly deletes

5 Colleges

Cornell et al

10Special projects exportsBibs, Holdings, Items


Some need Bib, Bib+Holdings, Bib+Hld+Item data in specific MARC fields

~5 times a year, ad hoc, infrequentData Management Services staff or systems staffShare-VDE, IVYP Confederation, FOLIO, HathiTrustP2

Often very large outputs

We export bibs, holdings, and items for a variety of special projects - HathiTrust, Ivy+ Projects, LD4P projects, etc. In addition to these large scale projects we export regularly to do maintenance and reporting on these types of records

Prepping data in a special way to be consumed by another system

Requires the submission of a list of bibliographic record identifiers (Instance HRIDs) in a csv file. Querying for these exports is done in a separate application with robust querying functionality. (Chicago)


MARCcat _ Inventory
11Discovery Full exportBibliographic records with specific holdings and item data mapped to the 927, 928, and 929 fieldsMARCAd Hoc - maybe once or twice a year.Data Management Services staff or systems staffVuFindP1

Similar to Scenario 1, but a full update, not just incremental (purge and replace the entire catalog, mainly when data model changes or complete reindexing is needed)

Full export of catalog data for discovery indexing

Note: In early days of OLE, they were doing it more frequently

For Chicago, uses the same criteria as the Incremental Export, but it includes EVERYTHING that is not suppressed from discovery

12Export by tag/locationBibliographic records with  Inventory Admin data, plus specific holdings and item dataMARC with 9xx data, delimitedAs needed

technical services/systems

Library staff/local systemP1

Similar to Scenario 16

Title sets for things like Springer

Key point of this one is the searching

We regularly do maintenance by collection, especially electronic resources that are batch loaded. For those, we regularly need to get the bib, holding, item system numbers to provide updates on those. We also need to export full records to perform more substantial updates or provide a list of what is available for those eresources to liaisons. An example is that I was asked by one of our liaisons to provide a title list of what we have in Aleph compared to what we own through our subscription for a certain epackage.

We can get the systems numbers from a report. Sometimes we query on the Collection Code. In Aleph, we assign unique collection codes to our batch loads. Then we can retrieve the holdings system numbers and/or item system numbers and export what we need (full bibs with holdings and item data/ select fields from the bib). Export needs to have the ability to add non MARC fields (export suppressed from discovery in addition to active bibs/export deleted records in addition to suppressed and active, statistical codes)



13ETL exportsBibliographic dataMARCAd Hoc, ~720 exports in the last year. (only the MARC transformations, not global/batch  updates in OLE)Systems/Data Mgt/Tech Services Typeslocal systemP1

Similar to Scenario 16 and 4

Export 'raw' MARC for transformation outside of the system and re-import. This is also the process that we use for updating headings for access points in batch.

A list of HRIDs for the bibs/instances is submitted as a csv file. The export is the raw MARC from the system. After the transformation, the complete MARC record is replaced in the system. Requires the ability to check in real time that the associated MARC data has not changed in the system while the data was out of the system. This check needs to be done as part of the import workflow. 

For Chicago, I quickly calculated some statistics based on the log of the last 100 ETL exports and between 8/16/2019 and 10/3/2019 we exported 123,941 records for transformation. 





MARC Holdings 

(similar to use case 3)

Holdings (and maybe some item) dataMARCUnknown

Christie/Data Mgt Svc

Manual, approximately annual

OCLC or other systemsP2

Export MARC holdings from Inventory holdings data

Export of holdings in MARC format for sharing. This is something that has been ad hoc in our current system at Chicago. 

ChicagoInventory, translated to MARC Holdings
15Update itemsitem datadelimitedAs neededtechnical services/systemslocal systemP1

Similar to case 4.3 also

Export item information in order to change it. Use cases include updating location information, batch suppress items, change a note information.

Note: If want to round trip in MVP, may need to be MARC instead of delimited

16Export based on a list of record IDsInstances, Holdings, Items, MARC



As needed
local systemP0

Obtain a list of IDs (HRIDs, UUIDs, OCLC numbers, barcodes) maybe from LDP, maybe from elsewhere; provide those to FOLIO and then get export data for those particular records

Once I have the IDs, I need to be able to specify Bib, Bib+Hld, Bib+Hld+Item

And will need to be able to strip out some MARC fields (maybe phased - get the records out, then next being able to remove certain fields)






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