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JIRA Epic: UXPROD-652 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The Metadata Record Export subgroup will work on defining requirements for FOLIO implementation of exporting metadata (bib, holding records and authority records) from Inventory and SRS modules.  Acquisition and User data is outside the scope of this subgroup.

Subgroup Members:




EBSCOESTVP, Product ManagementData Import subgroup convener & PO
University of ChicagoCSTHead, Data Management Services
Charlotte WhittIndex DataCETSenior Analyst. Product ownerPO for Inventory. Implementation analyst.
Dennis ChristmanDukeEST

ZBW, KielCESTMetadata Librarian
CornellESTMetadata Operations Librarian
UMass AmherstESTMetadata Librarian
CornellESTAssistant Director, Metadata Production

Convener for the Metadata Management SIG

Magda ZacharskaEBSCOESTProduct Owner
VZG, GöttingenCEST
Acquisitions, cataloging, ERM
Sara ColglazierMount Holyoke College (Five Colleges)


ERM & Discovery Services (but also cataloging and acq for e & print subs & standing orders, batch record loading)

Topics/possible requirements:

TopicNotesSubmitted byAffiliation
1Export MARC-XML

Jennifer Eustis: Could you clarify? After export, do you want to keep MARC bibs in FOLIO, or create the MARC bib on the fly, export, and then discard? Thanks, A-M. Unfortunately I didn't get any explanation on this. I think it might be just a format for a particular person in the Five Colleges who prefers to work with xml rather than the binary.

5 Colleges
2Export Holdings records in MARC21

This is for local holdings records (LHRs) to be uploaded to OCLC. At UMass Amherst, we use it to reflect what we have for those records with a 866 in the holdings record. For UMass, it wouldn't be necessary to keep these MARC holdings records. We just need to export the data as MARC to generate a file that can be exported and downloaded. This file is then uploaded to OCLC's Collection Manager to a data sync collection. Generally we do keep these files "just in case" on a local server. These files are not keep in our ILS in any way. Jennifer Eustis Good point, and highlights another requirement - store a copy of the exported file (though not in Source Record Storage or linkedup to the Instance holdings info)

Jennifer EustisUMass Amherst
3Export a list of OCLC numbersThe Five Colleges will have 5 OCLC symbols. To keep OCLC holdings in check, institutions need a way to create a set where you search for active (ie not suppressed) bib records (would this be inventory now?) which have active holdings that belong to that institution. For instance, for UMass I need to export the OCLC number from the bib record where those bib records are active and have holdings for UMass and are active.Jennifer Eustis5 Colleges
4Export bib recordsThe Five Colleges will need to be able to export bib records based on several key factors in both holdings and item records. As we are merging a percentage of our bib records, the criteria for export will sometimes be based on holdings and/or items. For instance, Smith needs the bib records for their text book collection - search for bib records that are active and where active holdings are for Smith and the textbook collection.5 Colleges

Slack Channel:  #metadata-rec-export

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