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Proposed in the Aug. 20, 2020 MM SIG meeting

Goals: document use cases for productivity tracking statistics; investigate & develop short-term solutions for productivity tracking in FOLIO; define a long-term solution for productivity tracking in FOLIO


Name / contactFOLIO area(s)Institution / role
Metadata ManagementCornell / Assistant Director, Metadata Production

Jacquie Samples Jacquie Samples

Metadata ManagementDuke / Head, Metadata & Discovery Strategy Department
Felicia Piscitelli
Metadata Management, some work with Resource Management locallyUChicago / Metadata & Digital Resources Librarian
Julia Corrice
Natalie Sommerville Natalie Sommerville
Duke / Interim Head, Resource Description Department

Slack channel: #folio-productivity-stats

Some examples and discussion (slides)

Common understanding of what productivity statistics are and what we need, make sure not to exclude needs outside metadata/cataloging

Which apps are involved?

Notes (5 Oct 2020)

  • next meeting (oct 23, 2020)
  • Cornell (LW) on the use of the 948 (indicators and subfields) for stats
  • Do we not have a 'item created' date in the item record?  Yes, in Admin data accordion of the item.
  • Supposed to have 'date created'
  • There are notes in the item that can be checked for 'staff only'
  • need to better understand the Library Data Platform from reporting SIG (uses SQL)
  • We need data like 'who' and maybe in what department or unit
  • action: need to understand acquisitions workflows to better understand receiving (with orders already made and perhaps when receiving might involve when an order had NOT previously been added)
  • Receiving admin metadata does not have notes either as well as no viewable admin info
  • How to count RUSH cataloging?
  • We need FOLIO to accommodate our need for local productivity data
  • How to distinguish for batch processes
  • keep in mind the API integrations for MARCEdit

Notes (18 Sept 2020):

  • For receiving, make sure to tick the box left of caption to receive it.
  • Will need to know the number of items received in a period
  • Receiving is pulling title information from inventory
  • 'Note' is required in fast-add in Inventory
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