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Add future discussion topics here; include your name/institution, the date it was added, and priority level (high, regular, low)

  1. Shared Rancher environment for Import/Export/QM SMEs and POs (A-M, 18 Aug 2021, High)
  2. Default behaviors (implicit/explicit) (A-M, 1 June 2021, High)
    1. A-M started a spreadsheet; will this be helpful as a way to make the relationships between the actions clearer?
      1. Added rows for quickMARC edit/create actions and Instances created by POLs
      2. Update instance - only updates fields that are not part of the MARC record, e.g. instance status
    2. Is implicit a temporary situation or not? Does it need to be temporary? Why or why not?
  3. Creating FOLIO orders from MARC 9xx data (A-M, 1 June 2021, High)
      1. Lehigh MARC program creates SRS MARC for the new orders as well as Instances. In FOLIO, currently POLs only create Instances, not SRS MARCs
        1. Per Michelle Suranofsky this is the project:
        2. Chicago has made it more configurable and added the ability to create invoices.  Their branch:
      2. Upcoming meeting: Go through Acquisitions workflow - matchpoints, import profiles
      3. Kiwi will probably not have Data Import for MARC Order/Invoice info. Would it be helpful to prioritize matching by POL to identify relevant Instance, Holdings, Item?
  4. Surfacing errors in log summaries (A-M, 1 June 2021, High)
    1. Fix column sorting - will help with large results sets
    2. Mockups
    3. Export – only errors? All?
  5. How long to retain import logs? (A-M, 18 Aug 2021, Medium)
    1. Discard after a certain number? after a certain date?
    2. One default for all FOLIO libraries, or is a tenant-level setting needed?
    3. Any option needed to export before deleting? 
  6. EDIFACT Invoices (A-M, 1 June 2021, Medium)
    1. Default profiles and EDIFACT Syntax
    2. Some fixes split to a separate Jira – OK to make it lower priority?
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