Discussion items

    1. Go over marketing presentation

    2. Talk about Twitter presence

      1. Welcoming new members

      2. Calling out cool new accomplishments

        1. Announce vendor accomplishments that are linked to FOLIO or open source

      3. Mechanism to share info to SIG  - email outreach SIG -if no response from someone in group, assume lazy consensus

    3. Talk about making conference submissions part of our responsibilities and establishing a process for collaboration/submission

      1. Possibly a Google folder for submissions and design award submissions and a spreadsheet for tracking submissions and if they were accepted

        1. Resource to help write submissions

      2. Meetups - process starts with emailing Outreach SIG, SIG proposes agenda and speakers

      3. Propose to PC, then host a FOLIOForum

    4. Swag - budget and ordering

      1. Needs to be discussed with OLF - put together a budget proposal, propose to PC (travel budget to events, swag) - offer vendor partner opps to use logo on swag (t-shirts)

      2. See if each org can kick in $$ toward swag

      3. Need to be transparent about cost of things (events, swag)

    5. Should we look to recruit a few new members?

      1. Yes. Look for international voices (Germany), Aaron Trehub, BiblioLabs and bring up to PC for suggestions


  • Rachel Fadlon Reach out to potential new board members
  • Rachel Fadlon Put together budget proposal for marketing materials (swag, events, etc.)