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Discussion items

  1. WOLFcon debrief: videos, livestream, swag, events – how did it go? What can we improve for next WOLFcon?
    1. Even more Zoom – where should the links live? WOLFcon website? FOLIO website?
    2. Notes/Zoom could be shared on SIG wiki pages
    3. People didn’t know how to log in to the Zoom channels – better instructions
    4. Continue livestreaming plenary sessions and end of day recap
  1.                                                                i.      Next time, get conveners to talk about what happened in their working meetings
  2.                                                                i.      Put the meetup template into a Google doc so we can update it
    1. Better primer for conveners on what to do: where to put notes, Zoom recording, how to log in to Zoom
    2. No meetup at the same time
    3. Get recs from logistics committee and make a rec to Stakeholders (with info to PC)
  1. Meetup requests:
    1. Charleston (Mitchell Davis, BiblioLabs) – meetup + reception
    2. Columbus, Ohio (Christopher Holly, EBSCO) (Peter take a lead on this – will reach out to Christopher)
    3. Interest in a meetup in CA – Kristin Antelman
    4. Process for doing this: email SIG, confirm/deny, suggest agenda and speakers, email back, PR
    1. Need to think about targeted roadshows where there is community interest (Spain)
  1. Conferences: check out the Google folders and see if it makes sense
  2. Recruiting new members
    1. Spoke to Kirstin about adding someone from GBV
    2. I would like to add Kate Waldron
    3. Christopher Spalding is stepping off the SIG
    4. Mitchell Davis and his colleague Carolyn Morris would like to join the SIG – invite to next meeting

Action items