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Discussion items



  1. New member intro
    • New:
      • Mitchell Davis
      • Carolyn Morris
      • Kate Waldron
      • Jana Agne
    • Current:
      • Michael Winkler 
      • Patrick Zinn 
      • Debra Weiss 
      • Ginny Boyer 
      • Peter Murray 
      • Rachel Fadlon 
      • Kathleen McEvoy 
    • Change meeting time so that Jana can participate
  2. Budget proposal – Peter will touch base with Laura to confirm equipment; next step: take to stakeholders – Rachel will write up description for feedback.
  3. ALA
  4. Intern
    • NetSuite
    • Website
    • Conference tracking spreadsheet
    • Meetup process - need a form
    • Set up link to from Google notes to wiki
  5. FOLIO Project Report
    • Request from PC to share it more widely
    • Perhaps on website blog section and include it in newsletter and tag it
  6. Notes – Google doc, with appointed notetaker each meeting?
  7. Newsletter: ALA

Action items