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Discussion items

  1. Budget proposal – next steps

    1. Yesterday on the PC call Rachel submitted the budget for our SIG and it was acknowledged to be good and appropriate to push up to the OLF for consideration and approval.

    2. Mike said that FOLIO stakeholder will approve and not OLF; we need to write a proposal and with Michael or Christopher can take this budget to the group

    3. Mike suggests generalizing the budget rather than it being so specific.

  2. WOLFcon moving forward

    1. Meeting next Tuesday to resolve the May WOLFcon meeting and get a better idea of meeting expense and what’s feasible.

    2. Kate is working on preliminary logistics for potential locations for the next WC meeting.

    3. WOLFcon is going to be every six months and will be a bigger, more inclusive meeting that will facilitate Dev-SME interactions and working Dev meetings.

    4. Will scale back on receptions, etc. to cut costs.  Will discuss at the once-yearly meeting have a broader, general track, and more ‘conference-like’ activities as opposed to a working meeting that is project specific.

    5. We will table this discussion until our next meeting and will talk about meeting logistics when we have more information about budget, etc.

  3. Meetup template - need to update process

    1. We need to be able to communicate the process for setting up/hosting a FOLIO meet up.  There is currently a document about how to set one up, but we need a process document that talks about how to communicate with the SIG about their request to host.

    2. Need to ensure that meet-ups follow a similar process for organization and to ensure that we have staff to cover the event.

    3. Will try to piggy-back on local events/conferences to get people to present at the meet-ups.

    4. Bibliolabs wants to host a FOLIO meetup and reception to jive with the Charleston Conference; Rachel is working with them to support the organization.

    5. Sub-group will spin up to handle this task.

  4. ALA – dinner (Cajun)

  5. Newsletter: New weekly project updates, ALA events, German Library Day

    1. Jana report:

      1. Lots of talk about FOLIO; everyone impressed with progress to date

      2. Would be good to capture German Library Day in a blog post to capture energy and engagement.