Discussion items

  1. Meetup processes - Kate, Carolyn, Jana and Rachel began reworking the meetup template. We decided to break it into multiple docs

    1. FOLIO Meetups Planning Template

    2. Room setups and style

    3. Sample description of event

    4. Meetup  - sample agendas

    5. Sample email texts

    6. FOLIO Meetups  - internal process

    7. Should we add a form to the website to request a meetup?

  2. FOLIO Meetups - internal process - discuss and agree on process (Rachel will update the doc)

  3. Facilitators’ Forum - move to be a subgroup of the Community Outreach SIG

    1. The FOLIO Forum is another community communication channel, so it makes sense to have that group report up to our SIG

  4. New website preview

    1. Privacy policy - should we collaborate with Privacy SIG to create a privacy statement?

    2. Additional functionality: meetup request form, swag request form

  5. Conference/meetup updates

    1. Tania Fersenheim (FLO), Jesse Koennecke (Cornell), Seb Hammer (Index Data) and Andrew Nagy (EBSCO) are submitting a proposal on the unique nature of the vendor-library partnerships and the collaboration that characterize the FOLIO project for Charleston

  6. Newsletter: ALA, article in, Sprint Review recording (on YouTube)

Outstanding action items:

  1. Rachel & Carolyn will work on slide deck content - in progress

  2. Michael & Peter will work on the Talking points document

  3. Michael & Ginny will draft WOLFcon Proposal