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Sharon Wiles-Young Kristin Martin Debra Howell Martina Schildt Jenn Colt Jesse Koennecke 


  • The newly formed/re-formed FOLIO Prioritization and Roadmap Working Group will have its first meeting on Wednesday, January 25, 9:00-10:00 AM Eastern time.  This will be a mostly organizational planning meeting to cover the items below.  

Discussion items


Review the charge:

  • Initial steps: select tool for managing prioritization process
  • Initial steps: review existing themes/subthemes for progress - compare our themes to the release notes for each version
    • were we on target?
    • What areas had development that we didn't cover? What areas did we want to have covered that had no work?
  • Assumptions: Roadmap and prioritization should guide SIG development
    • Release Planning is about the timeline for the release, and not about the scope of content in the release

Determine meeting schedule

Discuss and implement communication channels

Discuss membership and recruitment

Action items