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These are the acronyms used in the FOLIO project.

AATArt and Architecture Thesaurus
APIApplication Programming Interface (communicating between systems)
ARLAssociation of Research Libraries
BIHABibliographic, Item, Holding, Authority [Record]
BoBBest of Breed
CMSContact Management System
COAChart of Accounts
DIDiscovery Interface
DTDDocument Type Definition
EACEncoded Archival Context
EADEncoded Archival Description
ECLEducational Community License
EDI FTXElectronic Data Interchange Free Text
EOCRElectronic Order Confirmation Records
ERMSElectronic Resource Management System
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ETLExtract, Transfer, Load
FRBRFunctional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
GOKbGlobal Open Knowledgebase
GUIGraphical User Interface
HTCdevelopers team (not an acronym, company name)
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
ILSIntegrated Library System
KAI or KAIWGKuali Application Integration [Working Group]
KEWKuali Enterprise Workflow (routes edocs to individuals and groups)
KFSKuali Financial System
KIMKuali Identity Management (permissions)
KNSKuali Nervous System
KRADKuali Rapid Application Development
KRMSKuali Rule Management System
LHRLibrary Holding Record
LMSLibrary Management System
MADSMetadata Authority Description Schema
MERManage Entity Relationships (rules of licensing, contracts, etc)
METSMetadata Encoding & Transmission Standard
MFHDMARC Format for Holdings Data
MODSMetadata Object Description Schema
MURManage User Relationships
NARNational Authority Record
NCIPNISO Circulation Interchange Protoco
OCLCOnline Computer Library Center (online catalog)
ODSOLE Discovery Services
ONIX-PLXML format for communicating publication licensing tems - mainly digital resources
OPLEONIX-PL editior (browser based software that creates/edits ONIX-PL expressions)
POCProof of Concept
PURAPPurchasing and Accounts Payable
RCPRich Client Platform
RDBMSRelational Database Management System
Rice ARCApplication Roadmap Committee
Rice TRCTechnology Roadmap Committee
SAASSoftware as a service
SerSolSerial Solutions
SERUShared Electronic Resource Understanding (takes place of a license)
SIDSecure Identifyer
SKOSSimple Knowledge Organization System
SMESubject Matter Expert
SOWStatement of Work
SRUSearch/Retreival via URL
TGNThesaurus of Geographic Names
UIUser Interface
URIUniform Resource Identifier
UUIDUniversal Unique Id
UXUser Experience
VIAFVirtual International Authority File

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