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Charge:  To support the Product Council and to assist with creating the weekly PC agenda.  The Product Council should refer SIG concerns to the Executive Committee if the concerns require more information, more analysis, and consultation with other groups.

Membership: Chair and co chair of the Product Council, Ebsco representative and Index Data representative. As of June 2019, members are:

Kirstin Kemner-Heek, GBV, Chair of Product Council

Dracine Hodges, Duke University, Chair-elect of Product Council

Jesse Koennecke, Cornell University, Past Chair of Product Council

Harry Kaplanian, EBSCO Product Manager

Cate Boerema, EBSCO Product Owner

Peter Murray, Index Data Community Advocate.

Mike Gorrell, Index Data Director, Convener of FOLIO Tech Council

Agenda: Identified issues to review, prioritize, research and submit to PC for discussion and approval.


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