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The FOLIO Product Council will act on behalf of the OLE Community and FOLIO partners to express and champion priorities in the development of the FOLIO Library Service Platform, and ensure the relevance and cohesiveness of the FOLIO project. The mission was outlined in the FOLIO Product Council Charter dated 2017-02-13.



The Team

Cornell, Reporting SIG convener, ex-officio
USMAI Library Consortium, Consortia SIG convener, ex-officio
Leipzig, proxy


Index Data, Technical Council convener, ex-officio
Sebastian HammerIndex Data
UC Boulder, Accessibility SIG convener, ex-officio
Kirstin Kemner-HeekGBV
Jesse KoenneckeCornell
hbz, Sys, Ops & management SIG convener, ex-officio
Andrea LoigmanDuke, Resource Access SIG convener, ex-officio
Christopher ManlyCornell, User Management SIG convener, ex-officio
Chicago (also RM SIG convener)
Holly MistlebauerOLE PM
Paul MoellerUniv of Colorado, Boulder
Peter MurrayIndex Data (also Internationalization convener)
Christopher SpaldingEBSCO
Paula SullengerTexas A&M
Aaron TrehubAuburn
Martina Tumullahbz
Christine WiseSOAS
NC State University, Metadata Management SIG convener, ex-officio

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Product Council Calendar

  • Special Meetings and Calls - lists the regularly scheduled weekly meetings as well as agendas and minutes from previous meeting.
  • Conferences and User Group Meetings - for information on upcoming conferences that may provide an opportunity for face-to-face meetings with members of the FOLIO team.



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Blog stream

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