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Revised: 2017-02-13  (Original title: OLE Community Product Council Charge)


The FOLIO Product Council will act on behalf of the OLE Community and FOLIO partners to express and champion priorities in the development of the FOLIO Library Service Platform, and ensure the relevance and cohesiveness of the FOLIO project. The Council acts to coordinate community engagement in FOLIO including determining prioritizing, socializing, and reviewing functional expectation for library management software, as well as participation in requirements gathering and planning activities, functional workshops with developers, and product review and comment. The Council communicates and promotes requirements and priorities to the FOLIO community, and tracks delivery of capabilities. The Council will recommend when a separate community development effort should be undertaken to deliver FOLIO modules or ancillary software required by the OLE Partners. When a recommendation for this development is approved by the Steering Committee, the Council will develop a project plan for the recommended product that is inclusive of functionality, resource requirements, timeline, acceptance, and marketing, and oversee the work specified. The Council undertakes all of its work;

  • By employing the expertise of its members;
  • Through direct consultation with experts within OLE, and in the larger community;
  • With reference to best practices for technology, librarianship, and standards;
  • By establishing and communicating clear and objective criteria;
  • With a transparent process that allows review and comment from the community.

Administratively, the Council is responsible to their sponsor institution, and takes direction from the OLE Steering Committee


The Council is comprised of a representative from each OLE Partner as a benefit of membership and FOLIO partner representatives.  Representatives should demonstrate and maintain these characteristics:

  • Ability to contribute and work productively on a team;
  • Volunteer time and effort to further the overall goals of the Council, not just your sponsor;
  • Be involved in the OLE community;
  • Relevant domain and strategic input experience.

Council members may be called upon to lead review or specification efforts, including technical requirements, based on their expertise and experience. Council members may asked to provide group facilitation and leadership. Council members should be prepared to represent OLE and Folio in public forums, conferences, meetings, and publications.

Members are appointed by Partner Board members or primary sponsor, and may be replaced with appropriate notice. The Council may request a replacement of an appointed member if the member does not maintain acceptable engagement and performance as defined in this document.


A council member should expect to meet these skills and obligations;

  • He or she should have sufficient expertise relevant to the responsibilities of the Council, and should be active in a community of peers;
  • He or she should be able to identify and bring to bear appropriate expertise from Partner staff;

  • He or she should be available for regular virtual meetings;

  • He or she should plan to attend and contribute to relevant periodic face-to-face meetings, potentially twice a year; He or she should be available for up to 4 to 8 hours per week to the Product Council for meeting, workgroup, or individual engagement including email, writing, and review efforts it is likely that this level of workload would not be constant, but may swell to this level at times;

  • He or she should expect to provide information at their member library to keep library staff informed of activities of the Product Council;

  • A letter of support from the employer acknowledging the commitment is desired.


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