This is the portal to the Special Interest Group reports. Reports are organized by year and then by month. In addition to learning about what the SIGs have been doing, conveners are encouraged to bring up specific issues or requests to the Product Council. Decisions can be tracked and viewed in the Decision log.

What should be in a standard report?

SIG conveners should provide the following:

  • Discussion of specific development areas. Including Jira issues for both features and bugs is helpful.
  • Work related to the FOLIO Roadmap or work that occurred that is not well-represented on the FOLIO roadmap.
  • Information about demos, user discussions, or future functionality for FOLIO.
  • Spins-ups or wind-downs of specific subgroups or working groups in a particular area.
  • Ideas or issues that came up feel outside the scope of the SIG but need commenting.

Do you have a special request/issue for Product Council to review?

  1. Enter your regular report by editing the wiki. Update the page
  2. After you save the page, click on the "Submit Request" next to your SIG
  3. Provide a sentence/phrase summary of the issue in the "Decision" box.
  4. You can flag individuals by finding their name and putting it in the "Stakeholder" box
  5. Provide a Due Date if needed, or leave blank if unsure.
  6. Give some background (see below). You may find it easier to enter this information after clicking on "Create" as you'll then have access to the feel suite of wiki editing tools.
  7. Click on Create
  8. Click on Publish to finish.

When submitting a request or an issue to be reviewed by FOLIO Product Council, please include this information in the background:

  • SIG Name
  • SIG Convenor
  • Description of issue/report, the more details the better:
    • Includes link to SIG meeting discussion on issue or request
    • Provide link to any Jira issues related to issues
    • Let us know if it about new feature, a bug, regression, etc.
    • Let us know if it is a proposal for a new group/subgroup
  • What are you asking from the FOLIO Product Council?
  • Do you want to attend a future FOLIO Product Council meeting to present this request?

Your PC SIG representative will get back to you regarding the issue and scheduling a meeting as appropriate.

You can view the PC Decision log


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