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See the Q1 2019 Release Dashboard and the Chalmers Release Dashboard in JIRA for more charts and click-through to feature details.

See FOLIO Quality Dashboard for bi-weekly updates on software quality.

Weekly Updates

Report Date

Overall Status Update

Cate Boerema

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Q1 2019 Release Features (Functional) by Status

Getting issues...

Q1 2019 Release Features (NFR) by Status

Getting issues...




Feature is waiting to be picked up by PO.  


Feature is  being worked on by the PO.  Discussions are happening with the SIGs and sub-groups, mock-ups are being created.  Analysis is underway.

Analysis Complete

PO analysis is complete.  Stories are written and mockups have been created.

In Progress

Analysis is complete and development is underway.  While it is often the case that we begin development on some aspects of a feature before the PO’s analysis work has been completed, please do not move a feature into Development (In Progress) until after Analysis is Complete.  This is important so we can maintain visibility into what features that have remaining PO work.

In Review

Most or all stories in the feature are In Review (being tested).


All stories in the feature have passed test and are closed.  Feature is complete.

Product Owner Updates

DateProduct OwnerNotable Risks, Issues and/or Changes
2019-03-25Folijet's two Q1 features completed. Three other Q1 features will be moved to Q2 or possibly later, depending on the outcome of the planning work, to make room for thin thread loading of MARC Bib records and connecting them to Inventory Instances with the updated MARC Bib-to-Instance mappings.

Display checkin notes from Inventory at checkin has been moved from Q1 to Q2, as it was not completed (or even really started) in Q1.

2019-02-27Acquisitions has now completed sprint planning for sprint 58 and based on our available capacity we have officially identified UXPROD-720, UXPROD-186 as issues that will spillover into Q2. Backend work has begun on UXPROD-720 but the first release of the invoicing module will not happen until Q2.

It may not seem so but the ACQ dev team has been gained a lot of momentum in Q1 wrapping up a lot of spillover from the previous quarter. Despite on going efforts the acquisitions team is still behind schedule. As a result of this and shifting priorities of early adopters. Features related to Finances and Invoicing that were slated for Q1 have been identified as issues to spill over into Q2 2019. These features include UXPROD-861, UXPROD-700, UXPROD-699, UXPROD-197, UXPROD-721, UXPROD-719, UXPROD-717, UXPROD-703, UXPROD-727. We are hopeful that the majority of the initial setup for Invoices can be included in Q1 under UXPROD-720 but it has been marked as "At Risk" as it may need to be split after Sprint 58.

On a more positive note UXPROD-186 relating to the serials Check-in workflow has official been moved from Q2 2019 into Q1 2019 as we are looking to finish work on Receiving and Checkin as part of Q1. It will also remain At Risk during sprint 58.


As noted in several weekly status reports, the Core Functional team is behind schedule. As a result, several features will not make the Q1 release. The following features have been reassigned to Q2:

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Q1 2019 Spillover and At Risk Issues

At Risk IssuesQ1 stories and features that are at risk (meaning they may spill over)

Getting issues...

Spillover FeaturesFeatures originally targeted for Q1 which have been shifted to Q2 due to insufficient capacity

Getting issues...

Spillover StoriesUser stories originally targeted for Q1 which have been shifted to Q2 due to insufficient capacity

Getting issues...


The focus of Q1 2019 is delivering the features required by Chalmers to go live.  For this reason, we will take a closer look at those features in this portion of the report.  See the Chalmers Release Dashboard in JIRA for these and more click-through reports.

NOTE: There are also  Getting issues...  (UXPROD features) that have not yet been ranked by Chalmers.  As these features are ranked, we should expect the features needed below to increase.

Remaining Features Needed by Chalmers to Go-Live 

Epic Link Fix For Versions (non-archived)
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Chalmers Go-Live Features at Risk in Q1

These may be carried over into Q2 2018 (either entirely or in part)

Key Summary Assignee Status epic link Labels development team

Chalmers for Go-Live Feature With No PO

Key Summary Fix Version/s epic link

Features Needed by Chalmers for Go-Live

Q1 2019 Release History

Closed release featuresFeatures released on April 8, 2019
Baseline release features

Baseline features targeted at beginning of quarter (January 14, 2019)

  • Getting issues... Functional
  • Getting issues... NFR
Percent closed

Closed features/Target features

(so 68/74)


(up from 70% last quarter)

Split release featuresNumber of Q1 features that were not fully completed and needed to be "split" (carry-over features were created for unfinished work)

Getting issues...

Spillover featuresNumber of Q1 features that were moved (in their entirety) into Q2

Getting issues...

*How is it possible that we closed 91% of our targeted features when 30 features were "spillover"?  This is due to the fact that the number of features included in the release increased after the quarter started.  See created vs resolved chart here (and on the release dashboard):