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Dynamic release data with weekly status updates

Q4 2018 Features in JIRA (updates dynamically)

Functional Features Today

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NFRs (Non-Functional Requirements) Today

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See the Q4 2018 Release Dashboard and the Chalmers Release Dashboard in JIRA for more charts and click-through to feature details.

See FOLIO Quality Dashboard for bi-weekly updates on software quality.

Q4 2018 Release Milestones

Weekly Updates

Report Date

Overall Status Update

Q4 Feature Count on Report Date




Jakub Skoczen

  • Started sprint 53

  • Functional work items update:

    • CIRC-154: check-in by barcode API (DONE, Marc)

    • CIRC-146: Change status to "in transit" upon check-in (DONE, Marc)

    • Above means that all UXPROD-601 stories are now completed and wait for review (UICHKIN-17, UICHKIN-40, UICHKIN-41, UICHKIN-46, UICHKIN-60)
    • UXPROD-118 work, considered at risk, will go ahead in Q4 (Dec/Jan) but likely we will decide against shipping it with Q4
    • CIRC-150: validation of check-in/check-out SP during loan CRUD (DONE , Kurt) required for UIU-485 (IN REVIEW, Aditya)

    • CIRC-156: dereference patron group ID to display the name along with the request (DONE, Kurt) UIREQ-114 is now IN REVIEW

  • Q4 Release Management updates:

    • mod-feefines is required by FOLIO core modules (ui-users) but the release has not been made on time. CT made an out-of-band release. Trying to communicate with UNAM on the matter.
    • External modules (Acq, ERM, MarcCat, etc) release deadline was last Friday (2018-12-07), most modules have been released on time but there are cases where some releases have not been made properly (Acq) or are still pending (mod/ui-marccat, ui-licences). CT is communicating with the POs and leads to try to help with those releases.
    • This Friday (2018-12-14) is core UI modules release deadline. After all core UI modules are released, the DevOps team will attempt to build a fresh Q4 environment (most likely Monday 2018-12-17). The deadline for creating the environment is on Friday
    • Q4 Release Management: all modules, interfaces (APIs) and their Q4 versions are tracked in this spreadsheet (updated at real-time):
    • Q4 Release is going according to plan:

  • OKAPI/RMB, Performance NFRs

    • Performance: MODINVSTOR-215: Julian implements solution agreed with EPAM DBAs throuh RMB-301 (IN PROGRESS), unfortunately no status since last week.

    • Starting from this week and intensifying next week core back-enders will focus on various performance issues (Adam, Julian, Jeremy, William). Heikki is going to be away until the end of the year. Nassib will act as a partial replacement.
    • Reference data loading functionality RMB-296 (DONE) and initial implementation in one of the modules (mod-inventory-storage) MODINVSTOR-216) is completed. We have decided against shipping the functionality in Q4 due to necessary deployment changes. It will be shipped with Q1 and all modules will be updated to implement this functionality.

  • Devops:

    • Two new environments created: snapshot-core and snapshot-stable-core, with core modules only to allow for API updates

    • Working on non-standard deployment procedure to included edge-oai-pmh module in Q4, we will adress the tech debt around this in Q1.
    • FOLIO-1577: as mentioned above, an attempt to create Q4 environment will be made on Monday, Okapi can now generate a dependency graph to ease tracking dependency problems

    • FOLIO-1548: STCLI-114 IN PROGRESS (ability to run modules locally and have them communicate with the black-box)

  • Quality/Testing:
    • Initial test coverage for nightmare (integration) UI tests has been completed for selected modules (ui-users) and shows coverage on the level of 30% percent. More work is needed to capture full coverage across core FOLIO modules. This work is grouped under FOLIO-1618, tasks will be handed out from next week.


Cate Boerema

  • Index Data having company meetup so I am running the Core team roundups
  • Gap analysis team is working very hard to get the Q1 planning in place. This means:
    • UXPROD feature refactoring
    • Feature distribution across teams
    • Feature estimating
  • Risk: there is a LOT of concurrent circulation work that needs to happen. We need to be very careful about how this is distributed across teams.
  • Goal is to have the cap plan updated tomorrow

Getting issues...

Getting issues...


Cate Boerema

  • Several Core team Q4 features are at risk, but I am reluctant to move them out of the quarter, as we are hoping we can make at least some progress before feature freeze. POs for other teams are probably doing the same. Here's the full list of at-risk features across teams. There are 22 (of the total 107 targeted).
  • I have tagged the features and stories coming out of the November Chalmers visit. View the list here.
  • Circulation is still a risk area for Chalmers go-live. Specifically:
    • Request policy still be designed (re-designed) and some elements may be moving to the Loan policy. Cate, Sean and Tania working to get this nailed down for the developers asap
    • While some aspects of circulation are independent enough to be worked by a team other teams (e.g. loan and request policy CRUD, extending the loan rules editor) making these new policies effective will really need to be done by the Core team.
    • Making policies effective needs to be done in exactly the same code being modified for other ongoing circulation features such as in transit to home location and fulfilling pickup requests. Not a lot of work can be done concurrently here.
    • Title requests - still not clear what the plan is here.
    • Library opening hours calendar - Sean is finding bugs and issues with this Qulto-developed app. Which team is responsible for maintaining it? Sean would be the best fit from a PO perspective given his other features are primary consumers of calendar data.
    • Here is a list of circ related features likely needed by Chalmers to go live which will need to carry over in some form to Q1. The list is long and there are dependencies.
  • Leipzig is hosting a self-built article index and are providing the data to a number of German libraries, most of them using vuFind discovery systems (are mostly hosted by Leipzig). The infrastructure/community is named finc. They are now getting ready to re-implement their configuration software on FOLIO. The code will of course be open source and re-usable, if there are any institutions interested in this kind of set-up. I have implemented a JIRA project (UIFC) for them to track their requirements.

Jakub Skoczen

  • Started sprint 52

  • Backend issues critical for completing functional work:

    • CIRC-154: check-in by barcode API (IN PROGRESS by Marc) will be completed by the end of the week.

    • CIRC-146: Change status to "in transit" upon check-in (IN PROGRESS byt Marc) will be completed by the end of the week.

    • CIRC-150: validation of check-in/check-out SP during loan CRUD (IN PROGRESS by Kurt) required for UIU-485, will be completed by the end of the day

    • CIRC-156: dereference patron group ID to display the name along with the request (DONE, Kurt) no longer blocks UIREQ-114, needs handling of permissions

  • Cross team

  • OKAPI/RMB, Performance NFRs

    • MODINVSTOR-215: Julian implements solution agreed with EPAM DBAs, see RMB-301 (IN PROGRESS)

    • Adam is working on reference data loading; RMB-296 (DONE) and MODINVSTOR-216 (IN PROGRESS)

  • Devops:

    • FOLIO-1577: two new Okapi feature implemented (OKAPI-683 and OKAPI-684) to better report dependency issues and catch unreleased dependencies at release time. John will perform a Q4 build on Monday (2018-12-03)

    • FOLIO-1548: STCLI-15 completed, STCLI-114 (ability to run modules locally and have them communicate with the black-box) starting

Getting issues...

Getting issues...

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Q4 2018 Release Features (Functional) by Status

Getting issues...

Q4 2018 Release Features (NFR) by Status

Getting issues...




Feature is waiting to be picked up by PO.  


Feature is  being worked on by the PO.  Discussions are happening with the SIGs and sub-groups, mock-ups are being created.  Analysis is underway.

Analysis Complete

PO analysis is complete.  Stories are written and mockups have been created.

In Progress

Analysis is complete and development is underway.  While it is often the case that we begin development on some aspects of a feature before the PO’s analysis work has been completed, please do not move a feature into Development (In Progress) until after Analysis is Complete.  This is important so we can maintain visibility into what features that have remaining PO work.

In Review

Most or all stories in the feature are In Review (being tested).


All stories in the feature have passed test and are closed.  Feature is complete.

Product Owner Updates

DateProduct OwnerNotable Risks, Issues and/or Changes
12-10-18UXPROD-1119 will not be totally implemented for Q4 2018–manual patron blocks will be able to be created UIU-674 but not enforced UIU-675.  Enforcement UIU-675 is less than a week behind the freeze date of December 7 for Q4 2018.  This is go-live feature for Chalmers.  Perhaps Chalmers doesn't need to wait until the Q1 2019 release in April if UIU-675 is ready this week?  Cate has recommended that Holly check with Jakub.

UXPROD-656 (CRUD for batch import rules) was (in retrospect) a huge feature. It was renamed as Data Import Infrastructure and Planning and remains in Q4 2018. Other features broken out from it:

UXPROD-1376: file extension settings (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1377: CRUD for Job profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1378: CRUD for Mapping profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1379: CRUD for Action profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1380: CRUD for MARC mapping profiles (Q1 2019)

UXPROD-1381: CRUD for EDIFACT mapping profiles (Q2 2019)

UXPROD-1382: CRUD for Delimited mapping profiles (Q2 2019)

12-06-18UXPROD-1038 (ISBN Normalization): split into 2 features. This one will remain in Q4 2018 and cover preparation and design. UXPROD-1394 marked for Q1 2019 and will cover implementation
12-05-18UXPROD-1217 As of today, functionality to extend the existing loan rules editor to accommodate additional policy types (e.g., request policies, notice policies) has been moved to Q1-2019.

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The focus of Q3 and Q4 2018 is delivering the features required by Chalmers to go live.  For this reason, we will take a closer look at those features in this portion of the report.  See the Chalmers Release Dashboard in JIRA for these and more click-through reports.

NOTE: There are also  Getting issues...  (UXPROD features) that have not yet been ranked by Chalmers.  As these features are ranked, we should expect the features needed below to increase.

Remaining Features Needed by Chalmers to Go-Live 

Epic Link Fix For Versions (non-archived)
Q4 2018 Q1 2019 Q2 2019 Unscheduled T:
Agreements 4 0 0 0 4
Allow for the creation and management of vendor records 1 1 0 0 2
Batch Importer (Bib/Acq) 1 1 3 0 5
Discovery and/or creation of Eresources 1 0 0 0 1
eHoldings App 0 0 1 0 1
E-Resource usage data: Report management 1 0 0 0 1
ERM Navigation 0 0 0 1 1
Fees/Fines 6 1 0 0 7
GDPR 0 0 0 8 8
General UX 1 0 1 0 2
Inventory 4 0 0 0 4
Item states 0 1 0 0 1
Licences 1 0 0 0 1
Loan Rules and Policies 1 1 0 0 2
Loans 2 4 0 2 8
Locations and Service Points 1 0 0 0 1
Order Materials and Services 2 1 0 0 3
Patron notices 1 1 0 0 2
Requests 3 5 0 1 9
SIP2: Protocol for self-checkout 0 1 0 0 1
Staff slips 1 1 0 0 2
Tags - Basic 0 1 2 0 3
Tags - Central Management 0 0 1 0 1
Users App 1 0 0 0 1
None 0 0 0 2 2
Total Unique Issues: 32 19 8 14 73
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Chalmers Go-Live Features at Risk in Q4 

These may be carried over into Q1 2019 (either entirely or in part)

Key Summary Assignee Status epic link Labels development team

Chalmers for Go-Live Feature With No PO

Key Summary Fix Version/s epic link

Features Needed by Chalmers for Go-Live

Q4 2018 Release History

Current featuresFeatures targeted for Q4 release as of today

Getting issues... Total

  • Getting issues... Functional
  • Getting issues... NFR
Baseline release features

Features targeted for Q4 release on October 9, 2018. Notes:

  • The baseline features were not finalized until about a week after the start of the development period, as the Acquisitions issues needed to be distributed across development teams
  • Included features will need to be further adjusted due to resourcing changes, but this can be considered the baseline

Getting issues... Total

  • Getting issues... Functional
  • Getting issues... NFR