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Mid year check in on priorities/goalsReview how things are going with the goals and priorities we set at WOLFCon 2023


sometime in January 2024?
Onboarding with ImplementersThe now defunct Onboarding group asked the Implementers SIG at WOLFCon 2023 to take over some of what they started. Catch up with them on how it's going and the plan moving forward.


For Tri-Council meeting, retrospective on Poppy releaseThe delay(s) in the Poppy release and a variety of other issues have been a challenge.


Update from and feedback on PC Meeting hygiene subgroupThe PC Meeting Hygiene and Efficiency subgroup will report on what they've done and get feedback on changes.


aim for 12/7?
Ongoing need for Product Owners and representation distributionFOLIO regularly needs POs. How can we help? What is the distribution of POs from vendors, libraries, etc.?


What should be core vs. extended in re-architechted FOLIO?The PC will be responsible for determining which apps are considered core vs. extended when the overall FOLIO architecture changes?


Snapshot data refreshCurrent data in FOLIO Snapshot is not as useful as it could be. Is there a way to get a small, lightweight, and clean dataset into Snapshot that includes examples of data use cases that have been problematic in the past? What are the other parameters for this data? Can we task the SIGs with creating/providing this data? DevOps team is responsible for maintaining the Snapshot.


Retrospective report on new CSP process
Oleksii Petrenko says this will happen in Nov or Dec after the Poppy release.


Time zone inclusiveness

2023-09-20 Meeting notes Meeting Hygiene and Efficiency Subgroup

Paul Moeller 

Follow up from WOLFCon what can the PC do this year discussions.
It seems we can find a time that works for US ET and Australia/China  (7:00 PM Boston, 8:00 AM Beijing, 9:00 AM Canberra) , or Berlin with China/Australia (2:00 PM Beijing, 4:00 PM Canberra, 8:00 AM Berlin) but finding one that will work for all would be problematic. The best is probably 7 AM Boston, 7 PM Beijing, 9 PM Canberra, 1 PM Berlin. It would be even earlier/later for some of us and other regions may join if we can find a suitable time. Should be consider alternating times once or twice a month?


and/or We will discuss this at the quarterly SIG Conveners meeting, but perhaps also at the 12/7 meeting when the Hygiene group gives their report?

Entities Management followup. Will reach out to the MM-SIGFeedback from MM SIG conveners regarding final report from the Entity Management Working Group
2023-08-31 Metadata Management Meeting notes

Should the MM SIG take over Entity Management work (or at least be the lead), should it be a new SIG, under another group, etc.? Then it was pointed out how much MM SIG already has responsibility for and that there are other groups like Acquisitions and ERM that would have a big stake in this as well.

Charlotte Whitt and Jennifer Eustis will speak with MM SIG conveners.

but PC notified and had an initial discussion on  

 SIG Reports subgroup is addressing this issue Does the Entity Management group fall under MM SIG or is it a SIG on its own?

Flower release schedule - release dates and/or decreasing the number of annual releases, and how this fit in with the re-architectural decisions.

2023-09-21 Agenda and Meeting notes

Kristin Martin 

Follow up from later than expected Quesnalia release date, feedback currently being gathered


Keep a list of existing apps and their state of maintenance, their status of integration (tight or just loosely), developer team, responsibility, connected MoU's about maintenanceFrom 2021-09-30 Product Council Meeting notesThe Product Owners have created a Team vs module responsibility matrix.  Harry is developing a simplified version on a single slide as well as a list of orphaned apps and modules.  Having a list of orphaned areas is useful for when an organization joins FOLIO and wants to work on something.  It is possible to have orphaned modules that don't in turn orphan an app (the single sign-on module is an example).  There is another category of apps for which a team performs periodic maintenance but there is no active development (updating dependencies, for instance).  An additional acceptance criteria for contributing code could be a memorandum-of-understanding to support the code for an explicit period of time.  What is the maintenance commitment for code contributed by established partners?


Release planningFrom Martina SchildtWhat is the release management planning/process. Talk to release manager regarding release process and where could improvements come in. This could be combined with report on BugFest. Invitation to Anton and

Oleksii Petrenko.

Community Council notes 2021-11-01


Need full support for GDPRfrom Martina Schildt 

Have Privacy SIG report on GDPR needs and how that work can be slotted into FOLIO development - discussion postponed - check again on  


Managing upgrades so that implemented libraries to take advantage of new functionalityfrom Kristin Martin 
  • Example: new connection between order lines and holdings records with Kiwi, but existing orders migrating over will not have this information populated. There should be a way to support existing data in FOLIO to take advantage of the new feature.
  • May be related to earlier issue of reference data getting overwritten when upgrading. Tech Council recommended a series of test scripts as part of definition of done. Maybe we need to also address assisting libraries who are upgrading.
  • There will be a conversation with the Acquisitions SIG - can also go to Implementer's SIG.


FOLIO Technical Pain Points

from Tod Olson 

Part of the TC Goals & Objectives process has been to identify technical pain points within FOLIO that impede development and operations. We plan to look at underlying causes, come to agreement on some remedies, and use this to inform our priorities. Like any form of technical debt, these will require resources to address, but will pay dividends if addressed well. 

See: FOLIO Technical Pain Points - DRAFT (in progress)


UI Customization rather than Permissionsfrom 2022-05-12 Product Council Meeting notesStart plan for when to do all of the planned Features for the customization of FOLIO.  There are a bunch of things that we want to bring to FOLIO put together in a plan as a theme in the Roadmap.


Completed Topics


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State of QA for new releasesresulting from discussion at 2023-09-28 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes

After a discussion about release management and timing, CSPs, etc, Khalilah Gambrell suggested that we have members of the EPAM team at an upcoming PC meeting to talk about the state of QA.


Platform & Application Formalization Questions from the Technical Councilfollow up from WOLFCon 2023


is this for re-architecting subgroup or PC in general? will start in subgroup. See Re-Architecting Impact on the Product Council  

Support SIG Community Developerfrom Anya ArnoldNeed to recruit new developer



Edit by Charlotte Whitt (10/2/2023)

Need for additional Product Ownersfrom Jesse Koennecke Jesse is discussing needs with Khalilah

While this remains an issue, I think this particular instance of trying to make progress is done.  Should probably discuss with others before removing. - Jesse


Translation of documentation
  • automated translation of possible?
  • would be preferable solution (sustainability)

  • German institutions have tested This service produces better results in translation than e.g.  google translate, tested in day-to-day work 

  • API available, free version as well as DeepL Pro

  • glossary allows definition of how to translate words (often specific translation for library terminology needed)

  • topic for ?
  • Documentation SIG is taking care of translations


Edit by Martina Schildt (10/04/2023)

Review the status of the calendar app.From 2021-08-05 Product Council Meeting Notes

Cheryl will work more on the specifications of the problem, bringing in others from the RA SIG and FOLIO implementers as well as possibly developers from the Vega team.  This will likely then come back to product council.

Calendar App development taken on by Bama team. See: 2022-03-24 Product Council Meeting Notes. Did not have further discussion with PC.


Establish criteria for newly developed apps and code contributions

From 2021-09-16 Product Council Meeting Notes

From 2021-09-30 Product Council Meeting notes

In coordination with Technical Council and Community Council, what is PC's criteria for accepting contributed code.  What alternatives exist if a contribution is not accepted; what does it mean if something is not accepted. In the context of the LDP inclusion discussion, the PC identified the need for its own criteria for accepting apps into the reference environments.  For instance, does an app meet the style guidelines?  And later in the meeting, is there a support commitment from the developers?

FOLIO Scope Criteria Group formed, meeting starting in December 2021. Update in June.



Edit by Charlotte Whitt (10/2/2023)

Review FOLIO Vision, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives for PC itemsCarry-over 2021-09-16 Product Council Meeting Notes

CC also identified items from the vision document that they thought was the responsibility of PC and TC.  Review the CC document in the context of the strategic objectives document. See the objectives with roles assigned: FOLIO Vision, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives 

Conversation begun at 2021-10-07 Product Council Meeting notes

Sharon/Anya working on SWOT analysis with implementers' libraries



Privacy SIG New CharterFor an upcoming Product Council meeting, the Privacy SIG has revised its charter and is seeking endorsement: About the Privacy SIG



Update on WOLFCon development15 minute slot at that meeting to present FOLIO WOLFcon Planning and ask them to contribute their ideas and needs for WOLFcon sessions.



Identifying priorities for development for FOLIOFrom 2021-10-14 Product Council Meeting NotesAnya Arnold, Martina Schildt, Tod Olson and Jana Freytag volunteered to work on a group to look at the issue of feature ranking.



Update on Data Sync Working GroupFrom Brooks Travis

Ways to synchronize data across FOLIO apps. Group work started in August under App Interaction.

Originally wanted to present November 18, moving back to December 2, then to December 9

Will provide discuss on Feb. 10 SIG Conveners



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