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This page contains historical data from the Overall Status Update table on the FOLIO Q3 2018 Status - DRAFT


Product Owner

Notable Risks, Issues and/or Changes

2018-10-02As of today, currency settings has been removed from Q4. Q4 includes everything Chalmers needs. I have planned out the Fees/Fines work after Q4 by using the feature prioritization (aka Gap Analysis) results to prioritize the remaining Fees/Fines features. I'm sure things will change over the next year, but it's a start.
2018-09-25The number of Fee/Fines features in Q3 (see column to left) was reduced from 7 to 5 because 2 of the UXPROD issues included in Q3 2018 aren't really new features--they are fixes from Q2. In summary, we have 7 UXPROD issues and 5 new features going in to Q3. When I realized that both Patron Blocks and Transfer Fees/Fines could not be fully completed for the Q4 2018 release (for Chalmer's implementation), I contacted Lisa to find out what parts of both they actually need for go-live. I was relieved to learn that they only need to be able to do the manual versions of both--that's all they have now. I sent Lisa a summary of what Fees/Fines will include for Chalmers at go-live for her o.k. Now I feel like I am on the right track and will actually be able to complete the work on time. I have been working most evenings and weekends to keep up with UNAM and need to stop doing that regularly after Chalmers implements FOLIO--this may leave some of the UNAM team not fully engaged given how much analysis needs to happen for some of the remaining fee/fine features. The Q4 2018 mock-ups just need final approval (which I am getting on Monday), then Kimie will be the designs, I will do the user stories, then UNAM will go off and do the coding. I am thinking of bumping up some other easy, already mocked up stuff as well (e.g. Refund fee/fine). This will keep UNAM busy while I work on the more involved features.
2018-09-172 previously completed features were mistakenly tagged with Q3 release - they have been reassigned to Q2 2018 release

2 Inventory features has been split between Q3 and Q4:

  • UXPROD-122 (Analyse and implement 'missing' elements in the Instance Record - part 1) -> UXPROD-1106 (part 2)
  • UXPROD-138 (Locally-stored metadata records for eResources in Inventory - part 1 (Instance record)) -> UXPROD-1080 (part 2)

The following had to be moved to Q4 2018 as the orders BL module didn't make q3 release:

  • UXPROD-768 (Create an order for Electronic, Physical Material, both or Service)
  • UXPROD-770 (Create POL that is One-time or On-Going (Standing) purchase)
  • UXPROD-678 (GOBI API integration for creating Purchase Orders)
  • I had to move UXPROD-390 (Patron Groups Limit Table) from Q3 to Q4, but UNAM worked ahead on UXPROD-97 (Cancel Fee/Fine in Error) so we still have 7 features going in for Q3
  • The Core Team was working on part of UXPROD-97 (Permission for Fee/Fine Cancellation), in the form of UIU-445 (Cancel Fee/Fine with override) and UIU-451(Permission for Fee/Fine Cancellation), both of which are BLOCKED. I, therefore, split UXPROD-97 and made a new feature issue, UXPROD-1113, for Q4 2018 that issues core team issues UIU-445 and UIU-451 are now to linked to. UIU-451 must be completed in Q4 because it is the permission to cancel a fee/fine--Chalmers will want this in place.
2018-09-17UXPROD-332 (Message Queue for Data Extraction) is now marked as Q4 - it was erroneously still marked as Q3
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