Reports should include:

  • Discussion of specific development areas. Including Jira issues for both features and bugs is helpful.
  • Work related to the FOLIO Roadmap or work that occurred that is not well-represented on the FOLIO roadmap.
  • Information about demos, user discussions, or future functionality for FOLIO.
  • Spins-ups or wind-downs of specific subgroups or working groups in a particular area.
  • Ideas or issues that came up feel outside the scope of the SIG but need commenting.

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SIG NAMESIG Convenor(s)PC LiaisonReportRelated Jira issuesAny updates to the roadmap?Submit a Request for PC

Acquisitions SIG

Dung-Lan Chen Kristin Martin 

Acquisitions SIG meetings agenda/notes wiki link - Agenda and Meeting Notes

  • Discussed Implementers Topics #103-107, #96 (8/15, 8/18, 9/19)
  • Discussed claiming workflow, scenarios and use cases with both Dennis and Joe & reviewed updated Claiming mockups with Dennis (8/18, 9/12, 10/3)
  • Discussed questions regarding managing donors Dennis & Joe had and in relation to Organizations, Orders & Finance apps (8/29, 9/5, 9/15, 9/19)
  • Feedback re: WOLFCon 2023 – having all acquisitions related WOLFCon presentations recording/ppt linked to WOLFCon 2023 Acquisitions wiki folder in one place (8/29)
  • Discussed structure of Acquisitions SIG meetings & ways to improve (8/29)
  • Had two meetings devoted to Package POLs (Part 1 on 9/1 & Part 2 on 9/26) presented by Sara Colglazier of Mount Holyoke – very inspirational presentations about what Package POLs can do/achieve
  • The question came up if Container POLs is a better name than Package POLs in how the function can be used and what it achieves
  • Owen Stephens demoed Supplementary properties in Agreements and term filter builder; Ben Jahre & Zorian Sasyk shared how the function is used in their libraries.  (9/29, 10/3)
  • Discussed how multi-volume sets are handled (10/10)
  • Discussed GPDR requirements for record history (10/13)
  • Discussed EDI ordering success stories and issues encountered (10/17)

App Interaction SIG

Martina Schildt Martina Schildt 
  • SIG reviewed conatiner discussion and checked whether Package functionality in Orders solves use cases via this table: 

    Package POLs | Container POLs | Container records: additional requirements. The discussion will be continued in November

  • SIG discussed UI options for save button and conducted a poll on several options. The preferred option will be brought to POs attention; relevant JIRA tickets can be created under this umbrella ticket: UXPROD-4506 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • One meeting was devoted to checklist support, functionality that is avilable in OA app and is of interest to other apps as well.

Consortia SIG

Paul Moeller September started with a debrief of WOLFcon 2023 : Enhanced Consortial Support (ECS), OpenRS, the Lists app, Dashboard app, and authority control in a consortial environment.  These discussions gave way to preparing for the ECS functionality coming out in Poppy and how the new Lists app could be used to support consortia.  The SIG is currently working on a 2023 version of Consortial Reporting Needs (5 years after the original).   

Documentation Working Group

Paul Kloppenborg Martina Tumulla 

Katharina Jung will take over the tasks from Paul Kloppenborg. 

The Documentation Working Group is preparing the next documentation release for Poppy and will use bug fest environment over the next two weeks.


  • In ERM SIG Owen Stephens gave a summary of ERM releated WOLFCon sessions
  • The SIG discussed what other knowledge bases should be integrated with Agreements local knowledge base. This discussion will be continued.
  • Additionally, Owen Stephens presented new ERM features with Poppy.

Implementers SIG

Tara Barnett 
  • In September/October, we discussed:
    • Tags in FOLIO
    • Actual Cost functionality, today and in the future
      • Julie came and gave a demo of Actual Cost. This led to interested implementers joining RA Sig to find out more about the possibility of adding an item cost field to item records.
    • Bulk Check In functionality
    • Our directory reboot project
    • Serials
      • Owen Stephens came and gave a demo to Implementers on the Serials app. We'll be doing a Part II of this discussion on October 24th.
  • Upcoming Sessions:
    • Serials, the present situation (October 24th)
    • Spooky Bugfest Coworking Session (October 31st)
    • Refresh Token Rotation (November 7th, tentative)
    • Reading Rooms in FOLIO (November 14th, tentative)
    • Tour de SIGs–what are all the SIGs and what do they do? (November 21, tentative)
  • We have three standing agenda items, yet to be resolved:
    • We are moving to a new wiki space: Unfortunately, moving pages to that space will break every existing link, so I think we may want to start fresh in the new year.
    • We need to update the directory. We will be doing a survey.
    • We need a new convener for 2024. The last two conveners (Tara and Ian) have been from vendors and I would love to pass the baton to someone who is convener-curious from a library. If anyone would be willing to take on this role, I'd be happy to onboard that person, serve as notetaker for the year, and generally support them in this role. This could be a really great way for someone who's never had a community role to make great connections, learn a lot about FOLIO, and share their unique perspective on FOLIO. Also would be a great opportunity for someone with tons of experience and a brand new vision! Please reach out to me (Tara) if you or someone you know is interested.

Metadata Management

  • SIG agreed on a new copy button next to Instance classifications in instance detail view ( UIIN-2580 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). That will solve an issue around copying a call number from the Instance preview of the Classification accordion and paste this in the holdings record call number field, there is either a space and/or a carriage return before the call number. This whitespace is then stored in the call number field.
  • In addition, the SIG agreed during the MM working session and a follow-up virtual SIG meeting to remove leading and trailing whitespace characters from field values: UXPROD-3473 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Sara Colglazier gave a demo on the package POL functionality in the Orders app and how this can solve use cases that we had plan to use a "container" entity in Inventory for.
  • We have agreed to meet 60 minutes a week and keep the start time at 11:30 Eastern.

  • Our new notetaking group consists of Laura Daniels, Alissa Hafele, Lynne Fors, and Natasha Owers. The SIG will review the members of this group at least yearly.

Open Access SIG

Björn Muschall Owen Stephens 
  • OA SIG meetings are held monthly
  • Last discussions on tracking of expenditure: invoice and disbursement amount
  • No SIG meeting this month; next OA SIG on Nov 9, 2023
  • No development resources at the moment

Privacy SIG

Peter Murray The Privacy SIG restarted its monthly meetings after taking a break for the summer. Thanks to funding from Cornell University, library privacy consultant Becky Yoose has been engaged to draft a whitepaper/roadmap for building privacy-aware practices into FOLIO apps. The SIG met on October 3rd to discuss the work and provide suggestions. While much of the previous work in FOLIO can be described as privacy-by-compliance (e.g., ensuring compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation or California Consumer Privacy Act), the SIG aims to instill a privacy-by-design philosophy into FOLIO functional specifications and technical implementations. This is a work in progress.

Public Library SIG

Adam Murray 

Reporting SIG

Jennifer Eustis Reporting SIG Updates for October:
  • Reporting App
    • "Reporting App" is the new name for what was formerly the LDP Query Builder App
    • new functionality for Poppy includes running queries from a github repository within the app in FOLIO and support for both LDP and Metadb
    • updates to Reporting App being tested in Poppy
    • (formerly the LDP Query Builder App - updates in Poppy; can point to both LDP and Metadb (by January)
  • Reporting Development teams working on updates to LDP and Metadb reports and derived tables for FOLIO Analytics for Poppy
  • Corrie Hutchinson (Index Data) named new Product Owner for Reporting
  • FOLIO Data Model updates needed
    • Reporting SIG needs to know about data model changes before they are released (Change Management)
    • When we cannot anticipate changes, reports break because they are looking for data fields that have been moved/deleted/updated

Resource Access

Jana Freytag 
  • Works on our Gap list - the idea is to enrich the features that are most important to our SIG members, so that they can be easily picked up be dev teams if there are ressources
  • At WOLFCon we discussed the idea how the conveners and the SMES could support the POs in their work: several good ideas came up and the promise to keep on talking about it.
  • The meeting format will be discussed in future meetings (two times a week might be to much)

SIG Conveners

Martina Schildt Meetings are held twice a year. Next meeting will take place in March 2024.

System Operations and Management SIG

Ingolf Kuss Ingolf Kuss 

One meeting in September. Giving feedback to the Application Formalization proposal to the Tech Council.

Data migration group: regular meetings have been intermitted. Communicating via Slack.

Support SIG

User Management

Maura Byrne Maura Byrne 

The SIG has provided specs and questions for including user photos in the user record.  Our requirements have been recorded in the JIRA ticket UXPORD-38.

We've also discussed the "German reminder fees," discussed in UXPROD-3461 and UICRC-982.  It appears there will be a discussion/demo of these reminder fees in RA-SIG soon, and we have plans to join that meeting if we can.

Workflow SIG

Ian Walls Owen Stephens 

Dormant SIGDormant Since


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