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The FOLIO project is following a deliberate "user experience first" design process.  Librarians and technologists are working with a user experience (UX) designer to create a prototype of the user interface.  That prototype, along with a description of the functional requirements, becomes the specifications for the software development.

The current version of the prototype can be reached at:

In August 2016, Filip Jakobsen of Samhæng described the user-experience-first design process in a FOLIO Forum webinar.  During that same webinar, Filip also walked through the first prototype.  The recording of that webinar is at:   In January 2017 Filip returned in another FOLIO Forum to describe the technical process for creating the prototype and invited others to create their own prototype user interfaces; the recording of that webinar is at:

Discussion about the user interface and user experience design process happens in the UI/UX category on

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