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"Epics" in the UXPROD project represent FOLIO sub-projects.  The assignee = the product owner.  See epic list for a detailed breakdown.

Resource and Metadata Management:

  • Charlotte Whitt (Inventory, incl. RA View of Inventory)
  • Dennis Bridges (Acquisitions - Orders, Receiving, Finance, Organizations, Invoices)
  • Khalilah Gambrell (eHoldings, quickMARC, aka Single Marc Record Editor, MARC Authority, and MARC Holdings, Elasticsearch, Inventory search/filter)
  • Owen Stephens (Agreements, Licenses, ERM Comparison, Open Access, Dashboard, Serials Management)
  • Ann-Marie Breaux (Data Import (MARC, EDIFACT, Delimited Acq/Cat data), Inventory (Business logic, UI (excluding search/filter))
  • Annika Schröer (eResource Usage Data)
  • Magda Zacharska (Metadata Export, OAI-PMH)
  • Jenn Colt (SRS Search)

Resource Access:

User Management: 




Platform features

Data Migration:

Platform operations 

  • Dev ops
  • Platform 
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