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  • Continue detailed articulation of data elements associated with a “loan policy” in FOLIO
    • Focus: renewal configuration

Discussion items

5 miHousekeepingAndrea

Note-taker - Joanne Leary

55 minLoan policy dataCateLoan policy components and Loan metadata document



  • Andrea will look into setting up the Google Docs space to post examples / screenshots / working documents, and will set the permissions so we can all post.

Loan Policy Metadata:

  • Cate demoed some wireframes she created based on the elements of loan policy that we agreed upon so far. Loan profiles include: Fixed, Rolling, Indefinite (and new with this discussion, a combination profile where you can have a fixed schedule with rolling dates within the period). For a Fixed loan, first you configure the schedule periods, and name the schedules; the named schedules can then be applied in setting up the loan policy for the different patron groups. Andrea noted that when creating fixed schedule periods, the most recent date period should appear at the top (and others follow in descending chronological order). Cate clarified that the term "Scan" was the term chosen by Filip for the Circulation App; everyone agreed that this is confusing. The name can be changed; Filip is thinking of more granular functional apps within circulation.
  • Renewals: many questions were discussed about how renewals would need to be configured – should the configurable elements be the same as loans? Generally, yes; however, there should be a default checkbox to indicate the same settings as loans apply. Renewal settings need to allow for having a renewal period that is a different period than that of the original loan period, and an indicator to specify whether to renew from the original due date or from the system date (today's date), the number of renewals permitted, and whether there is a "brick wall" date beyond which a renewal cannot go. Joanne mentioned that the system also needs to account for patron expiration date when calculating a renewal due date (this principle applies to loans as well, but is a separate discussion). We decided that we don't need to allow for a change in loan profile for renewals.

We will continue this discussion on Thursday. Andrea asked us to review the metadata spreadsheet and think about scenarios that we would need to account for.

Recording  - available through 5/9/2017