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  • Continue detailed articulation of data elements associated with a “loan policy” in FOLIO

Discussion items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea
5 minPrivacy SIGDeb LambCall for assistance
50 minLoan policy dataCateLoan policy components and Loan metadata document


1. Housekeeping (Andrea):


2. Privacy SIG (Deb):

New SIG; first meeting was Tuesday (4/25);  recruiting members; need more people to talk about Circ.

Mike Winkler talked about privacy & security experience at University of Pennsylvania; we would be wise to create guidelines for developers, re: privacy and security of the system

Peter is current convener of privacy SIG

Sharon: thank you to Deb Lamb for her presentation yesterday (4/26).

3. Loan Policy Metadata (Cate):

Link to spreadsheet:

A. Renewals:

Cate summarized discussion from last time;

Some discussion ensued, re: the system needs to be able to send failure messages to the discover layer. RE: messages, we will need to come back to this.

B. Grace periods:

Default? No.

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months

Discussion; configurable? We will need to come back to this.

Improvement: could we display fees as they are accruing? (Show a running fine; calculate fine prior to return of item).

Come back to this when discussing fees.

C. Requests:

Types of requests; holds, recalls, storage, (offsite; high density; ASR—automated storage & retrieval), paging, staff request (e.g., preservation request)

Discussion, re: next time: where to go from here.


Recording  - available through 5/12/2017