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  • Discuss renewals – Suppose a user comes to the circ desk and asks to renew a book: what happens?
  • Review wireframe of Loan Policy form we discussed (if Cate is ready).  n.b. - This is just conceptual – UX designer will do final design

Discussion items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea
  • Notetaker - Cheryl Malmborg
35 minDiscuss renewalsCateLook at Alma’s notion of “Loan Actions” which logs actions taken on a loan so you can view the loan history.  Some resources we could look at when evaluating this solution:
  • ExLibris Managing Patron Services Page - Search for “Actions menu” text on page to jump to the section which provides some description around loan actions.

  • ExLibris Circulation Page – More screenshots of loan actions are shown here, though there’s lots of information on this page we should skip for now to stay focused on the task at hand.  For the first relevant screenshot, search for “actions button” text on the page.

20minReview loan policy wireframeCateIf ready . . .  (n.b. just conceptual - Filip will do final design)


Cate: developer question Permanent loan type necessary?  Answer–yes

                                         Material type required?  Answer-yes


Cate: Loan policies wire frames review

Examples in google docs

Question: closed due date offset what does this mean? Andrea: think about it and decide if needed on Monday Figure out what we meant or delete it

Question: alternate loan period for loans with existing requests? Is alternate at time of checkout, not truncation of existing loan. In effect if request queue at time of checkout.

Andrea: add brief description of loan policy at top of screen; pulled from entered data if possible.

Cate: discuss renewals What is renewal workflow? Alma example

Questions on action history? Log due date changes as well as renewals. David: log failed actions like patron tried to renew.

Log notices. Andrea: want ability to filter what actions are displayed.

Andrea and others: need to be able to see all actions any loan via a link from scan(loan) screen.

Discussion of patron screen.  Is this the primary screen or is a checkout(scan,loan) screen the primary screen? UX questions.

Cate: Renewal questions. Select all or select some.

Andrea: need obvious display of items not renewed; display at top and David: need reason not renewed and override.

Joanne: need to be able to sort on all columns

Andrea: like to be able rearrange columns, not display some columns. Configure at administrative level


Recording  - available through 5/19/2017