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Discussion items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea
  • Note-taker: Joanne
55 minFines and feesHolly 


We continued with a review and discussion of Holly's patron checkout display. What information is necessary to display? What do we need to access from this screen? Essential elements are:

  • patron name (clickable to full info)
  • patron barcode
  • patron status (whether they are active or expired, and the expiration date)
  • patron blocks (if any) and reason for blocks
  • the number of items on loan (clickable to list of items)
  • number of open requests (items requested by the patron - clickable to full item/request information)
  • number of recalled items (items recalled from the patron, not yet returned - clickable to full info)
  • number of items available for pickup (overall / at this location - clickable for full info)
  • number of overdues (??)
  • total amount owed on unpaid fines (clickable to fine info)
  • Proxy name(s)
  • Proxy barcode(s)
  • Proxy expiration date(s)
  • Proxy patron group (??)

In a proxy checkout situation: when you look the patron up, and the patron is a proxy for another person, you will see a screen where you choose the checkout credentials – either the patron checking out for themselves, or as a proxy for one of the sponsors listed. The default would be the patron checking out for themselves ("self"). The sponsor information displayed would include the name of the sponsor and expiration date of the authorization. If the sponsor were either expired or blocked, some type of display would indicate that fact (the word "Blocked" or the selection being greyed out).

This lead to a discussion about pre-selected defaults combined with being able to hit Enter to choose/acknowledge it. Such arrangements set the stage for errors, but are convenient. This is a hot topic – perhaps should be configurable on the institution or library level. Holly will create a user story to describe the situation for the programmers and designers.

Next meeting will be Monday Aug. 14, 2017. We will continue with Holly's fine/fee mock-ups or other work she wants to discuss.