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Discussion items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea
  • Note-taker: William Weare
15 minCodex questionsAndrea 
40 minFine/Fee History options & VATHolly 


Topic one: Conversation RE: follow-up to Codex presentation by vince Bareau & Kathryn Harnish on Thursday, August 31, 2017. [10:05]


Andrea: Access Services interactions w/ other units in this data model

Mark: Data model: next generation; does not follow traditional rules (one-to-one; normalization, etc). Would like to hear: where is it in production now (successfully)—tested and proven? Not available (in libraries).

Based on concept of micro services;

Holly: data model isn’t going to be proven anywhere but a library.

Mark: the concept came from somewhere: can they point to model?

Holly: I trust that they (developers) have the expertise to make this happen.

Mark: I trust them, but I have questions: is this place anywhere?

Holly: E-mail & ask.

Andrea: I am collecting that feedback to send to them.

Holly: If you look at it at a higher level. . . has anyone tried something like this before?

Mark: Reviews of Folio (Marshall Breeding); flexible; very ambitious;

Holly: It’s a great question and we should pass it on.

Deb: Proof of concept would be helpful.

Holly: Developers of data model need to be asking questions in your language, not theirs. They need to understand what we need & act on that. Do they understand what we need?

Andrea: I don’t know that I have done a particularly good job of articulating what I need.

Mark: Concern: re: authoritative data;

Andrea: Data will be pulled from Codex;

Holly: Codex is a way for us to easily get information; we need to tell Vince, Kathryn that we don’t understand Codex.

Mark: Re: storage of information in multiple places

Holly: Data will be stored in one place.

Mark: The data may be updated in multiple places.

Andrea: Core is in the Codex;

Holly: Ask for example.

Andrea: I would love to see a circulation module.

Andrea: I will pass this on to Kathryn

Topic two: Fines & Fees screens (Holly) [10:26]

Tax / VAT:

Do we ever charge tax for anything?

What about VAT? Will need to ask European members (not on call today).

When charging, default fee appears; how to we add tax/vat?

Some organizations will be tax exempt & we will not be charging them.

We will may need to add tax exempt number to a field (a note field).

Fines & Fees (continued from Holly & Kimie on Thursday, September 7):

Review options (from earlier meeting); four options with columns of information arranged differently.

David likes option B; fine fee type is first/primary; title, etc is secondary.

Andrea: (1) what happens when there are multiple fees on the same item? (2) What about pending fees?

Holly: All we are taking about is manual fees.

Andrea: We don’t want to see just manual fees.

Holly: We will see all of them here; all of the fees and fines.

We will revisit this screen later when automatically generating fines and fees are added to the process.

Discussion, re: order of column information on the screen.

Concern, re: information on screen needs to exportable for printing.

Next time: more on fines & fees (Monday)


No meeting on Thursday, September 14;

We will meet on September 18 & 21.