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Discussion items

5minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
  • Note-taker - Deb Lamb
  • Joining UM on 10/18?
50minFines/FeesHolly Mistlebauer
  • Closed Fees/Fines mock-up 
  • All Fees/Fines mock-up 
5minUser Screen 



  • Looking for a subgroup to meet with the User Management SIG on 10/25 at 10 am eastern time.
  • Issues to discuss include user record, affiliations, stat groups and expiration date.
  • Mary, Wendy and Andre volunteered.  Edd Merkel from Chicago from Chicago will also be on that call.

Holly: looking at the differences between the open and closed fees/fines screens

  • “Charge Manual Fee/Fines” does not operate like the other buttons. 
  • Discussion agreed that having it placed in the tab line with a “+ new” would be consistent with language used elsewhere
  • This cannot be applied to multiple items, only used for 1 item at a time
  • If multiple fees/fines are selected, would like to have a running total on screen and can see more information on the next screen
  • If applying a paid amount, would need business logic behind it – smallest, most recent, etc. could be ways to sort but would want to do it on a case by case basis
  • Error=delete in drop down menu
  • Partial payments were discussed
  • Running totals of what is being selected is very important
  • Amount owed should be in similar font/size as patron name as this is important data

 Closed fees/fines screen

  • Only action that can be done is refund or credit
  • Want to see if it was transferred and date
  • Strong recommendation for a holistic view of all reactions such as paid, waived, refund
  • Holly will show us a mockup of what we discussed to help us visualize
  • Amount paid should be in a similar font/size as patron name

 All fees/fines

  • Spirited discussion of whether we need this or not.  Some like to look at entire patron history of bills in one space
  • Would need business logic in place so operators can’t do something we don’t want them to do.
  • If no check box, no action can be taken
  • Holly will get back to us with a visualization based on our input

Kimie and Cate showed us latest mockup of patron detail

  • It now has basic information with the addition of extended information, contact information and address
  • Would be able to edit from patron screen
  • Proxies, fees/fines and loans would be dependent on permission level
  • User metadata is all or nothing
  • It has not been decided what display would look like if you do not have permission to see certain data
  • Are vertical panes adjustable or can we lose a column? Not yet but in backlog

Next Week:  Tania will be our guest to discuss requesting.