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Discussion items

5 min


  • Notekeeper - Marc Keepper
  • Carsten - Andrea raised possibility of Carsten providing a demo of a tool/project to manage/reduce loan rules by a factor of X

    Proposed demo/sharing of info Carsten Schwill
    Q: Are RA SIG members interested? Would be in future meeting
    A: General immediate consensus: RA SIG members interested. 
    Action requested
    : Please email Andrea if you have questions and/or interest in this Carsten sharing his experience. 
  • Reminder: There will NO RA SIG meeting on Thursday, 23 November. It's the American Thanksgiving holiday. Almost all academics closed both Thursday & Friday, 23-24 November.
 40 min Fine and Fees

Fines & Fees Filtering Demo

Fines & Fees Filtering Demo (Darcy showing current mockups for feedback)
Discussion of Filtering Placeholders & Design, incl. Columns, Filtering, Sort & version 1 (or not?)
Tenant-level being equivalent to customer or institution-level

Discussion of efficacy of filtering: Designing for the 90 or 10% usage cases. Inclusion/prioritization for v.1
Conclusion reached in re: design consideration for filtering and/or adding columns to allow library staff to have enough billing detail? 
Darcy sent the link to the Google Drive for the fines/fees filtering screen design:

Action to group: Please access the Google link (above) before Thursday's meeting (16 November 2017) . Show to frontline staff with the objective if the available information shown meets the 90% use cases for allowing circulation/billing staff to have a successful discussion with library patrons/users about their fines/fees balance