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Discussion items

5 minHousekeeping
10 minReporting SIGMichael Winkler
 45 min Cancelling requests
  1.  What happens to the item status if the request was anything other than "Open - Not Yet Filled"
  2. Are there circumstances in which we don't want to allow cancellation?


Michael Winkler, a member of the Reporting SIG, invited Resource Access SIG members to review the discussion and documents pertaining to reporting infrastructure and system architecture. The Reporting SIG has compiled examples of the kinds of reports that are needed for internal and external purposes (operational reports for cataloging, acquisitions, circulation, collection development; problem-solving reports for all functional areas; and reports for departmental, institutional and external requirements). Peter Murray posted a link to the recording of his draft presentation on Reporting System Architecture. All RA SIG members are encouraged to view this presentation and comment in the discussion forum.

Tania continued the discussion about system logic for combinations of request statuses and item statuses.

  • We agreed that discharging is a fundamental workflow step that completes processes and triggers subsequent system actions. It is not used solely for processing returns of borrowed items.
  • Discharging also captures where an item was at a point in time
  • Having the ability to look up current statuses without discharging an item is important as well

We discussed what should happen when a request cancellation occurs. The result will depend upon a many things:

  • the current item status
  • the request type (paging, hold, recall)
  • who placed the cancellation – patron or library staff member?
  • what was the request processing status at the time of cancellation?
    • Is it already on the hold shelf, or is it still in the stacks?
    • Is the hold active or has it expired?
    • Is it in transit?
    • Is it being processed for office delivery?
    • Are there other requestors in the queue?

Tania noted that as things are designed right now, we don’t have a layered status hierarchy, but rather a combination of item status and the request status: ex “Checked out – Recalled.” The combination determines the workflow engine.

Andrea is gone next week, Cate will be the convener.