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Discussion items

  • Note-taker Mark Canney
  • Reminder - no meeting Monday 1/15
15 minRequirements 
  •  default sort order for the requests list
40 minCheck-in screens
  • checkin screen


No meeting Monday 1/15 - MLK Day.


1. What should the default sort be on the Requests lookup screen? Team agrees most recent requests at the top with date/time.

2. Should there be results on the Request screen before a search is entered? Yes, as long as there is not a performance hit for larger institutions with many requests.


1. Checkin Screen. Need ability to "backdate" both before a session and after the fact with an individual loan. Backdate should capture both the real and "backdate" time.

2. Also, operator needs ability to change desk location for a session (depending upon permissions).

3. Checkin screen has ability to scan or enter barcode. Need to add a lookup function in case the barcode is not available.

4. "Clear History" button would be better presented as "End Session" because the concern is simply to clear screen.

5. What functions should be available on the elipsis for each return? Reprint transit or hold slip and reprint checkin receipt. Also, the borrower data (the one who returned the item).

6. Need to add some location code (shelf location) to the display of returns.

7. Popups and Toast. Popups must be cleared by the operator before proceding with the next scan. Examples like Multiple Pieces Note, Checkin Note. Transit slip, hold slip. Toast messages would be ephemeral that would not require operator action.  For example, Overdue Fine. Team agreed institutional choices would be needed for Toast implementation; better to table this idea for v1.

8. Spreadsheet is available for team to document any item status or circumstances which should force the operator to take some action before proceeding. Per Darcy:

Here’s the follow-up spreadsheet from our meeting earlier today - As a reminder, we want to capture anything that requires the user that is checking-in items to stop what they are doing and acknowledge the alert.  For example, to print a slip for an item that needs to be routed to a different location (in-transit).