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Discussion items

 10minQuestions re:Item/holding display

10minCategorization of material types

Due dates and times for day/week/month loans vs minute and hourly loans

    • Minute and hourly loans need a due time stored along with due date.  This should be a relatively simple calculation and, if the calculated time falls when the checkout service point is closed, we will use the “Closed library due date handling” setting to determine due date/time.  Also, at WOLFcon, we discussed wanting an optional offset period for when Closed library due date handling = Move to the beginning of next open day.
    • For day, week, month and FDDS loans, do we need a due time to be specified and, if so, what should it be? Options:
      1. No due time specified – patrons are just expected to return on the due date and they are responsible for finding out when the return service points are open.
      2. Due time is midnight on the due date – This might be confusing to users, especially if there aren’t any return points that are open until midnight
      3. Closing time for the service point at which the item was checked out – Might this also be confusing?  Patrons won’t always be returning to the service point from which they checked out.  Also, some service points close after midnight (say, 2am).  Would libraries want to extend the loan period by a day in order to allow for people to check in past midnight? 
      4. Other options?
5minRenewing loans “From current due date”Should renewal from current due date work on same day as original check-out?



1. Questions regarding Inventory App - item/holding display.

  • Please review the inventory screens above which were developed mostly with RM input. We need RA-SIG to review data on screens of Holding and Item records and provide feedback to Andrea before Tuesday, 5/29.
  • What about item search on Loans and Request screens? Will the IA screens work? We want to avoid having seperate apps for RM and RA for items/holdings.
  • On an items list for serials, volume sort would be better than barcode.
  • Item screen. Do we want to request a change in order of sections? It seems Availability should be higher. Do we need both Volume and Enumeration?
  • What about damaged, missing pieces, number of pieces, description of pieces?
  • Plan for breadcrumbs at top of these screens which will help with navigation
  • Other filters needed?

2. Categorization of Resource Format Material types.

  • Andrea has provided a link to the spreadsheet. She needs help categorizing material types for sorting purposes.


1. Edit Loan Policy > Closed due date management.

  • If 'move to beginning of next open day' is selected, do we need ability to add an offset or buffer? Yes, in that case an offset option should be presented so loans won't become due immediately upon opening.

2. Renewals > from current date.

  • Do we want to allow renewal on same day as charge? No, if renewal shortens or does nothing than we need logic in place to prevent renewal and pass explanation to borrower or operator.


  1. Re: displaying times on day/week.month/fixed loans: 

    This was one of my annoyances with Alma.  The system assigned a due time to day/week/etc loans that was equal to the closing time of the "desk" the item was borrowed at (or maybe its home location, I don't recall).

    THEN! when you changed the calendar, perhaps to change the closing time of that desk from 11pm to 5pm, Alma would update all the items' due times AND send a notification to the patron that their duedate had changed.  It was very very very annoying to patrons and staff alike.

  2. Interesting, Tania Fersenheim.  We have thus far been assuming in FOLIO that, if the loan policy, loan rules or calendar changes after the loan is created, the due date doesn't change (and, of course, no notification is sent to the patron).  Of course, at the next check out or renewal, FOLIO will refer to the new policy/calendar to set the due date.  

    The changing closing time thing might be another reason to not calculate due time based on service point closure unless absolutely needed (as in the case of hour and minute loans).  

    Tagging Emma Boettcher who has been helping work out this logic.