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Discussion items

  • Notetaker - Joanne Leary
  • User Management SIG - call for additional input
25minMissing pieces and Damaged

How does the interface need to reflect the way these will work? n.b. - No full 'Missing Pieces' in V1.

Voyager pop-up images from charge and discharge screens:


We discussed how to present and update important information about Missing Pieces and Damaged conditions.

  • We agreed that this information should be placed in the upper part of the Item Data screen for prominence. The information is important when charging out materials or checking them back in. Notes should be updatable. Modals should alert us to piece counts during circle transactions.
  • Information about missing pieces and damaged conditions must be able to be entered at any of three points: on the item data screen (in inventory), at checkout and at discharge. During circ transactions, we need a pop-up or modal that lets you enter information. To enter information about missing pieces, we must be able to note the number of pieces missing with free text field and date. 
  • Notes about missing pieces/damage are needed to document the state of an item at a point in time, for future circulation purposes (patron information, if any, should not be included here). 
  • To enter a "damaged" note, have a checkbox element in Item Data that requires a date and free-text field for recording details. Contents of the note would display in checkout and discharge transactions. The note could be entered as public or private. If public, would display to the public in the discovery layer.
  • The presence of an item Note could be indicated by a number on the item details screen (click on the number to display the note); or, would display automatically if present (accordion style, closed if no note, open if there is a note). 
  • Item notes and piece counts should ideally display together

Andrea will follow up with Emma about putting modals for missing piece / damaged notes on checkout and checkin screens. Re-emphasized the need to maintain privacy when entering item notes, especially in light of GDPR rules. Any patron-related information must be confined to Fine/Fee and patron screens.

All SIG members should review the draft of the Item screen and make comments, as this is something we will be using constantly. Julie agree to send screenshots of how Voyager displays item-related pop-up notes at charge and discharge.

Holly will be up next at Monday's meeting.