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  • Finalize automated fines/fees

Discussion items

45minAutomated fees/fines 
10minDue date and timesEmma Boettcher


Finalize automated fines/fees (Holly)

Fee/fines – owned by library who has item on shelf (except temp shelving such as reserves)
Grace periods, etc.

Within loan policy, select a fee/fine policy

Fee/fine polices:
Should we have overdue fines separate from lost item fees?

Fee/fine policy & lost book as one option
Fee/fine policy & lost book as separate options

Charging for lost items:
Charge set amount of ______ for item
Charge actual cost of item

Discussion, re: lost item replacement fee vs. replacement processing fee

Do we need an option? Waive lost item replacement fee if patron supplies replacement?

Due dates and times (Emma)

When libraries are closed, are books are overdue?

Three options:
1 A: Assign due date & time based on end of day literal (11:59:59 pm)
1 B: Assign due date & time based on end of day arbitrary (3:59 am)
2: Based on latest campus service point’s closing time for due date: varies

Consensus: go with option 1 A: 11:59:59

1 Comment

  1. Suggestion regarding the "connection" of fees/fines to loan policies:

    Hooking up fees/fines to loan policies via a dropdown might make it necessary to copy/multiply identical loan policies for patron groups with differenct fees/fines. Perhaps less loan policies are necessary, if fees/fines will be hooked up with loan rules directly. Example: fallback-policy : no-circulation, default-fee

    In Hamburg we follow this approach with a configuration tool that works on top of our OCLC PICA LBS. For us the following categories are being hooked up with loan rules seperately: basic use, fees, holds, paging, loans, renewals, fines. This distinction stems from a questionnaire used when setting up new libraries.

    As Cate Boerema mentioned, folio's design is already in progress (and different from LBS), so very likely folio categories would/should be different from our example.