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Discussion items

5 minHousekeeping
10 minQuick service point and loan policy questions
  1.  Which features require a service point? Check out, Check in, Loans (entire page or perhaps just some of the functions like renew)? Requests?
  2. How many service points might an administrator have access to? Would making the list scrollable as shown here be sufficient to handle the expected numbers?
  3. Adam Shire's idea for preventing gaps in Fixed Due Date Schedules:
    1. What if only the first FDDs date range had an editable start date and subsequent date ranges would use the prior date range's end date as their start date. In this case you'd probably want the UI to make it easy to add a new date range between existing ones (rather than just adding one on to the end).
    2. Mockup of current functionality for reference:
20 minPatron notices
25 minClaims returnedClaim returned flowchart (edited after meeting)


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  1. Adam Shire was introduced.  He is the 1st community tester and lead tester for loan rules and policies.

    Cate - service point questions

    what functions require staff to be assigned a service point

      check-out and check-in definitely require a service point

      does viewing the loan screen, renewals, alter due date and requests – leaving the question open for RA loan and request sub-   groups

    the pop-up to switch service points lists all available to the user, can be scrolled through

     could an administrator have to many available for this to be practical?  No, administrators can deal with it

    Adam - fixed due date entry

     the system should enter the start date of a date range based on the end date of the previous range to avoid gaps in date ranges -

     a good idea rather than relying on error message

     overlap of dates already not allowed - error message

     should programming be done to allow insertion of a new date range between existing ranges and adjust subsequent ranges ?

     not common - parking lot

    Darcy - notices

    pre-defined notices to be provided, home work: check spreadsheet for notice types and briefly review proposed wording,

    review footer elements and tokens

    notices can be copied and customized

    templates provided for email,print and sms

    UX provides layout preview of print and mobile notices

    should system provide copy function between print and email formats of same notice? open question, they are essentially the same except for hyperlinks

    deleting or inactivating custom notices (pre-defined can not be deleted)

     deleting would be nice to prevent too many unused notices

    deletion requires system check for at least unsent notices in queue, don't need to save notice wording for archived notices,

    ideally would check for loan policies/rules associated with notice

    can live with inactivation and filter to show only active notices

    Carsten would like system to display the triggers for notices as part of the notice edit list

    Darcy - logic triggers are separate, include number of notices, may be using work flow engine or associate with loan policies or loan rules

    Emma - claims returned

    Inventory view same as for checked out items except item status is claim returned

    How distinguish claims from open loans on patron record and loan screen

    Show count of total open loans and count of claims returned  e.g. 3 loans total one of which is claimed 3, 1 claims returned

    Wording for check-in of claimed item

    2 buttons one for found by staff as part of claim process, one for returned by patron

     fines, if applicable, would be generated if returned by patron

     David - important for future claims to record if patron returned (claim not valid)

    Preferred wording something like

    Found by library staff and Returned by patron