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Discussion items

10min Fine/fee settings 

Don’t forget to complete the collection agency survey at

There are fee/fine settings that are at the institution level.  Is this o.k.? 

  1. Payment Methods—not o.k.; must be at fee/fine owner level
  2. Waive Reasons—o.k. at institution level
  3. Refund Reasons—o.k. at institution level
  4. Transfer Accounts—not o.k.; must be at fee/fine owner level
  5. Transfer Criteria—not o.k.; must be at fee/fine owner level
20minLoan policies and requests
      • Feature to configure how locations display in folio (which location elements, codes etc you want to display)
      • Names and codes need only be unique within the context of their hierarchy
        1. Stories added: UIORG-92, UIORG-93, UIORG-94

  • Please add comments here if you have further questions or concerns on these changes


  1. There is a FOLIO Forum scheduled for August 15th at 11am EST on the topic of Resource Access - the progress we've made.  The bulk of the forum will be PO demonstrations of new functionality. But we need members of the RA-SIG to decide what other information we want to present. David B., Mark, Andrea and Wendy will work on this.
  2. Holly:
    1. Don’t forget to complete the collection agency survey at
    2. Fee/Fine settings live under Settings/Users. There are fee/fine settings at the institutional level. Entire institution uses one set of payment methods, etc. Is that OK? Refund and waive could be shared. Payment and transfer settings could be problematic (e.g. some units may not accept credit cards). They should be by ff owner.

  3.  Cate:
    1. Loan Policy. On rolling loans > case of need to truncate at end of period. Do we need to truncate in case of items with existing requests? We agree there needs to be a hard truncation for all loans.
    2. Location CRUD. Testers propose Auto-generation of location codes. Ability to configure way location code and name is generated. We agree this is an improvement to ux/ui.


  1. Hi RA-SIG,

    I commented on the last meeting notes. I'd like to discuss Jarmos question next time, if possible.

    Thanks & greetings


    1. Andrea Loigman, did you see this note about an agenda item for Thursday?

      1. I did and I think Jarmo makes some really good points.  I'd invite him to join us so that he can speak for himself, but I believe he's on vacation.  

        1. Yes he is, but he asked me to give you the comment and I'll try to cover for him. Hear you later.