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Discussion items

20min Mapping fine/fee to locations 
20minPermissions for fine/fee
10minWorkflow engine updateCate Boerema


  1. Mapping fee/fine to locations
    1. Permissions for the settings (fee/fines)
      1. David: Settings vs. permissions for only a few people
      2. Owner Level: balances/time etc. should be at the level of the Main Library circ desk
    1. Policies
      • you need different permissions to connect to loan rules
      • do not trump the loan rules
    2. Question Cate: What does it mean to have a consortium?
      • Idea: a cross tenant-principle could solve it
    3. either you have the permission to change the fees/fines or not

  2. Mock-ups:
    1. charging manual fees/fines
      • fee-fine owner drop down menus
      • manual charges
      • David: Examples fo not apply to lost book fees because it is a different process
    2. automated fees/fines
      • overdue fines
      • lost item fines
      • age to lost
      • etc.
      • the moment the item is checked in it would know which service desk & selfing locations / which fee-/fine- owner
      • the belonging of the item ist more important then the association
      • selections for fee/fines (e.g.: everything from one location goes to another)
      • multiple service desks with multiple fee/fine owners
      • special collections might have different approaches to it
      • reminder fees/notices - Holly has them in mind for the next steps

  3. Cate on an update for the workflow engine:
    1. Index data is doing a survey on the workflow engine
    2. POs should look at features  which would benefit from the workflow engine