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Discussion items

10minCurrency/number settings 

 Holly has contacted all non-US people trying to figure out currency needs for Fees/Fines.

 Language and localization tab you can set language, time zone, number formatting, and currency formatting

Decimal character can use dot, comma or space or n/a

Currency Formatting consist of Primary currency, Currency symbol, Symbol placement, and Decimal digits. After selecting the “primary currency” the Currency symbol, Symbol placement, and Decimal digits values will be populated with the default values for the currency table.  The library is then able to customize the settings if they want to.

Currency question:  How does this affect Acquisition?  Product Council(PC) is aware and Holy is primary of organization and PC has to do work related to orders and payments in different currencies.

20minStaff slips

Workflow define priorities

Call Slip, Pull Slip, Paging Request- Format is the configurable part reported/list or individual items; want to be able to run slips on demand

ILL Notice- Each system might have a different set? Break by type of request. Group agreed that it is a second priority

Rush Notices- Acquisitions- Do they have a way to attach a patron request to an on-order item? This a priority for the SIG group.

25minPatron blocks

Reviewed proposed patron blocks: Link to spreadsheet:

Many settings are automatic and some will be manual

Question: Do we need a report for manual blocks that are in place?  Answer from group:  For blocks that are manual and do not have an expiration date, we need to produce a regular “active manual block” notification of some sort

Patron Block Action Table was reviewed. This table indicates what limits to impose and what gets blocked when the limits are reach.  SIG group agreed that all patron blocks need to be overridable.

 How to do this: Table is set by patron group and each institution picks which limit they care about, using the table.  Table will be prefilled, pick which limits you are interested in using, select actions and that determines the block.  Holly will be showing some more of this at our next RA mtg.