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Discussion items

20minSlips and notices
20 minPatron blocksHolly Mistlebauer
5minForum follow-upMark Canney



Hold Slip. Automatic printing under certain conditions. Developers challenged by automatic printing in a browser based system. A. Display modal and manually print. B. Print all in session.

How are we going to associate printers with service points? In a browser client, like OLE, default printer on local machine. What about a receipt printer? This gets complicated because of the variety of receipt printers and different formatting.

Routing Slip. Slip types (Reserve, Request, Cataloging). Do we need three different slips or one plus "needed for". In slip configuration, is it better to have the view be tokens or demo data.


Patron Blocks. Popup displays block reasons with links to additional information (for example User Details > Patron Blocks).

Placement of Blocks on user details: Message on top with list of blocks under Patron Blocks section.

Patron Blocks - Action Table

To indicate what limits to impose and what gets blocked when the limits are reached