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Discussion items

  • Note-taker - Deb Lamb
  • Heads up on reporting
15min Manual fine/fee 


  1.  After much discussion, it was agreed that we need a way to search barcodes, title, needed for, process, location and effective location.  We need everything!  Holly will start the ball rolling for us by starting a user story in the mod inventory.
  2. Anonymization:  Where else is this needed?  One example would be a missing dvd from a book and the need to be able to contact last patron who had it out.  The link from the item record does not need to display patron data but the data needs to live somewhere for reporting purposes.
  3. Overrides for failed actions:  In the case of a patron reaching renewal limits, it would be nice if the override would also populate the correct due date.  Date selection would be required for other cases.  Separate permissions would be nice for changing a due date compared to overriding an expired patron.    David explained in Ole he can override an aged to lost item and the system also calculates a new due date and gets rid of the bill.  Very useful.
  4. Survey on historical data:  Sharon Beltaine will be sending out a survey concerning what data needs to be kept and where, etc.  This will be on Thursday’s agenda.
  5. Carsten would like patron blocks based on location.  Some discussion on what location would make this effective for his libraries.