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Discussion items

10min Recently returned & shelving lag time 
45minItem states display (discussion)


Shelving lag time – should be configured with the service location.


Item Status – comprised of three components (availability, needed for, process); how to display?

  • Show availability status
  • Show ‘Needed for’ component  next to availability, with links out other apps (if possible)
  • Show ‘Process,’ with links out to other apps (if possible)
  • Show dates applied next to each component


In showing the data associated with all the item status components, we must keep in mind the need to minimize visual clutter. When is it desirable (or necessary) to show less information in the interests of reducing visual clutter?

  • On the Check in screen
  • On the Loans list screen (don’t need to see process component). On the open loans screen, we can select which columns to display (which should reduce clutter) but we can’t yet re-sequence the columns.
  • We would like availability and process separated; if this presents design difficulties, we can revisit. This principle should apply to all screens for consistency.
  • How much info to display for ‘needed for’? Might want format type/loan type (?). Also, only the first ‘needed for’ should be displayed, with an ellipsis (or other clickable indicator) to get to remaining needed-for entries.