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Discussion items

5minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman

5minOpening time offset - UI mockup
Approval: UI mock-up
20minSkip closed days in due date calculationsDecision: logic for long/short-term loans; Discussion: surfacing critical gaps (if any)
10minNotice LogicDarcy BranchiniMoved notice logic to a separate notice policyApproval: to move forward with logic in notice policies
20minLoans: overridesEmma Boettcher

con't. discussion from previous meeting Override failed renewal.pdf

Confirm columns for renewal override modal. Include predicted due date?
5minUser record - requests sectionCate Boerema

Approval of layout for requests section of user screen

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Decision Reached


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e.g. loans, fees/finesNameClearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue
Loans Emma BoettcherMoved toward consensus on override modal with predicted due dates, <em>except</em> for behavior when the user wants to treat several selected items differently. Additional information field will be required, and override & information about override will be reflected in loan details.
  •  Preferable to have system predict line by line and not enter due dates for each line

Loan PoliciesSean ThomasApproved: Opening time offset - UI mockup (Loan Policy Editor)Will allow a configurable number of minutes or hours to be added to the due date/time for an item initially due when a service point first opens.Opening_time_offset_UI.pdf
Loan PoliciesSean ThomasDecision: Omit 'Skip closed days in intervening period' functionality in Loan Policy Editor.The SIG had no use-cases for extending the loan period beyond the next open day for the Service Point. As such, the desired functionality could be accomplished with already planned 'Closed due date management' options.

Notes (decisions are in bolded in red text)

Opening time offset - UI mockup (see Opening_time_offset_UI.pdf)

  • Taking about Settings>Circulation>Loan Policies
  • Want to have setting that only appears when you select Move to the beginning of the next open day
  • Open time offset setting has a number value and then a pulldown for selecting what that number value represents (minutes, hours)
  • Default will be zero
  • This was approved by the RA SIG

Skip closed days in due date calculations (see Scenarios: Skipped closed dates desk)

  • Slide 3: For generating a due date/time, Check-outs and Check-ins are only concerned with open-closed hours for Service Points, not Locations?  Correct, this was already decided.
  • Slide 4: We discussed this before and decided end of day is 11:59:59 PM for long-term loans regardless of Service Point hours.  (Andrea remembers that there may be a post-v1 feature where the library could set this for themselves.)
  • Slide 5: Long-term loans are due at 11:59:59 PM on the day they are due.  Short-term loans are due at the latest closing time of the Service Point for the specified due date.
  • Slide 6: Does Skip closed days in intervening period only apply to day calculations, not hour/min calculations?  RA SIG says that we can skip this.
  • Sean ran out of time to go over use cases, but needs to redo them anyway based on decision from Slide 6.

Notice Logic

  • Have had many conversations about where notices should sit–have decided on Notice Policies (which Darcy showed us a mock-up) divided up by functional area.
  • Actual notices reside elsewhere.
  • Discussed that it doesn't make sense to have all of the notices together as one policy.  It makes sense to have Loan and Fee/Fine notices together. 
  • It seems like recalls could be part of Loan notices rather than Request notices.
  • Need to discuss this further.

Loans: overrides (con't. discussion from previous meeting)

  • Discussed why you might need to enter a renewal date when you override a failed renewal
    • Item isn't renewable
    • Item hasn't reached maximum number of renewals
    • Patron blocked
    • Patron expired
  • User will uncheck the items they don't want to override
  • Should Additional information be required?  Yes–at some point could make this an institution setting but for now leave it as required
  • What if there are multiple due dates for a batch of 130 items?  Do a batch for one date, then a batch for another date, etc. 
  • Need to discuss this further.  Emma will send out flowchart and slides–discussion will continue on Thursday. 

User record - requests section

  • Didn't have time for this


  1. Hi RA-SIG, I have a question/use case regarding Seans loan policies presentation: Is it possible to set the due date to a time for example one hour after opening time (set due date to 1 hour after next opening of the service point)? The time should be variable for varying opening hours. It would be an important feature for our libraries.



    1. Hi Jana,

         I think that this is this is exactly the effect that we get with Sean's proposed change.  

      If a loan policy is set to 'Move to the beginning of the next opening day' under 'Closed library due date management', we'll be given an option to offset that opening time by selecting how many minutes or hours we'd like the due time to be delayed.

      Hopefully Sean will weigh in if I've misunderstood.


      1. Yes, that is exactly what is intended.  Since you don't set a specific time, just a value to add to the opening time (e.g., 1 Hour), this should adjust according to the opening time for the Service Point.  Also, since this is set at the Loan Policy level, you will be able to adjust that 'Opening time offset' as needed, say, for different loan types.

  2. Hi all, thanks for clearing that up, next time I am going to read the notes better before commenting. See you all later.