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As neededCirc rules for POs - clarifications of input

15minCancel check in
Determine how often check in is canceled from in transit or request pop-ups.
30minRequests: Paging requestsCate BoeremaItem state use casesApproval of paging use cases

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue
Cancel check inEmma Boettcher

No need to cancel check in from check in modals

  • No one recalled needing _any_ reason to exit in transit/awaiting pickup modals at all. In other words, no need to cancel check in from those modals.
  • For multipiece items, though, there is still a need for a cancel button - scan the item, modal tells you it has multiple pieces, and if the item wasn't returned with all its pieces, you don't want to check it in & it should stay on the patron account. That was also confirmed with the SIG.
Mockups showing modals with cancel buttons
RequestsCate BoeremaQ4Paging use cases in linked document look good!
  • Made some simplifying assumptions
  • Rules for whether, what, for how long, when will be deferred until we know where they live (policies etc)
Item state use cases
  • Cate needs to get a feature in for printing individual paging slips if there isn't one already
  • Cate will also enter a feature for the request Carsten sent to the RA SIG Slack channel:  Automatic renewals (with a limited count) and have implemented endless renewals (for privileged patrons) in the meantime


Circ rules for POs - clarifications of input  - Emma and Sen checked to see if anyone had any question on the Circulation rule exercise spreadsheet from the last meeting.  Reach out to Emma or Sean if you have any questions.  The spreadsheet will be discussed at the next meeting, Thursday, November 1st. 

Cancel check in- Emma reviewed if there were any reasons to select the cancel button or exit the modal when checking in an item that is “in transit”.  The only need mentioned was multi-piece items.  Items not returned with all the pieces should not be checked in and the option to cancel the check-in at this point is needed. Group noted that there is a need to make sure piece count stands out as a separate popup modal.

Requests: Paging Requests – Cate continued review of item state use cases document. Rules on whether, what or how long, discussion was deferred until we know where policies, etc. live. The requests report file will be in a CSV format and the flexibility of this format was questioned.  Group emphasized the need of having the ability to sort by location, call number, etc.  Have the ability to print these slip individually and already sorted would be helpful.